11 PAN Network Advantages And Disadvantages

The pan network stands for personal area network. The pan network is a short-range networking technology designed for devices within a few meters to communicate with each other.

Devices using the pan network specification can discover and communicate with nearby devices. We also called a personal area network Bluetooth short-range wireless technology.

The pan network technology allows devices to share data such as text, images, video, and audio files by using a short-range radio frequency (RF) network.

Pan is a low-cost and low-power alternative for connecting devices through a short-range proximity communication link. Let’s look at the Pan network advantages and disadvantages.

pan network examples

An example of a pan network is Bluetooth technology. We used the pan network for the wireless headsets and mouse.

It enabled the device to communicate with each other wirelessly rather than through wired connections with cables. In order to connect the devices, you should have a fixed address of your device that nearby devices can access.

Advantages of pan network

There are many benefits of the pan network that enable the device to communicate with each other. The pan network provides security, auto-configuration, and user-friendly feature of the network that are not available in a wired network. Let’s find out the edges of the pan network.

Pan Network Advantages And Disadvantages

1. Security

The pan network is much more secure as compared to the wired network such as the Ethernet. The pan network provides ensures the privacy and security of data by using the encryption method that allows the devices to access the data.

2. Easy to use

The pan network is easy to use as the device can be connected to each other with no problem. In order to connect the device, you can see the list of devices and select it. Once you select the device, then the device will be connected to each other automatically.

The pan network is easy to use as every device has a unique address and, using the address, it can connect other devices to each other.

3. Auto-configuration

The pan network is auto-configurable. It makes the network auto-configurable so that we can add automatically a new device rather than fixed addresses and manual configuration.

If we compare Pan Network with LAN Network, it is much easier to configure the pan network than a LAN network.

4. User-friendly

The pan network is user-friendly as you can use it with no difficulty, with no complex configuration.

The user-friendly feature of the network also applies to wired networks. In order to use the network, you just have to have a piece of knowledge about the address of a device and that’s it.

5. Versatile

The pan network is very versatile. The wide usage of the pan network in various devices, such as printers, can, Bluetooth headsets and mouse makes it more versatile than other networks. The key difference between the pan network and the LAN Network is the range of connectivity.

6. WAN vs PAN

WAN stands for wide area network. The WAN is a type of that can cover a much wider area than the PAN. A WAN comprises many devices and provides high-speed data transfer.

The WAN provides many benefits, such as increased security, infrastructure cost reduction, and easier integration.

7. Low cost

The WPAN is less costly as we connected the devices to each other through the power of radio frequency rather than through the expensive cabling. The cost of a pan network is very low because it uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi as a medium to connect with each other.

8. Low latency

The pan network is very low in latency, but it’s not possible to achieve the delay between milliseconds. The latency of a WPAN network is much lower because the data has to be transmitted through radio frequency rather than through copper wires.

9. Mobiles

The pan network is the best solution to provide the network to mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers. The pan network enables these devices to connect with each other using Bluetooth technology and share data like text, images, video, sound, and more.

10. Widely used

Pan Networks are the most commonly used technology. Using the pan network in various devices makes it the most commonly used technology. The Wide usage of the pan network makes it more profitable than other networks.

Disadvantages Of Pan Network

In the pan network, there are a few issues that are not available in wired networks. These issues make the pan network less reliable sometimes. Let’s find out the disadvantages of pan network one by one.

1. Unreliable

The personal area network is not as reliable as compared to a wired network such as Ethernet. The reliability of the pan network depends on the distance and the quality of radio transmission. The reliability of the pan network is much lower than that of a wired LAN.

2. Fragmented

Fragmentation is another con of pan network. It means that in the pan network, data transmission is not reliable. The fragmentation of the pan network makes it unreliable and less reliable as compared to wired networks.

3. No broadcasting

The pan network is not broadcasting technology. It means that if we want to send the same data to thousands of devices, we can’t do it by a network. For example, if we want to send a message to all the devices connected to the pan network, it will be difficult for us.

4. Low priority

The pan network is the lowest priority technology among different networks, such as LAN and WAN networks. The priority of the network mainly depends on the distance between devices.

5. Difficult to determine

In the pan network, it’s very difficult to determine the data rate and transmission distance. The size of the entire network is also difficult to determine. The size of the device is also difficult to determine.

6. Displaying “No such device” error

The pan network is not very reliable sometimes. The result of the problem depends on the distance between devices, but sometimes it displays a “no such device” error.

This is because it has not paired the device with the network. The pan network can’t be reliable in a cluster of devices.

pan network diagram

7. Multiple connections

In the personal area network, it’s difficult to solve the issue of multiple connections. In such cases, simultaneous connections are not possible. If we want to connect multiple devices and use them for the same purpose, then it’s very unlikely.


Pan network is much lower in speed than MAN Network. The capacity of the transmission lines is also less in the pan network. The bandwidth of the pan network is less than compared to MAN networks.


The LAN and PAN are different. The LAN has the maximum speed, and the PAN has a much slower speed than LAN. The range of data transmission also differs in both the networks.

10. Security Problems

In the pan network, there are a few security problems that are not seen in other networks. It mainly related the security issues of PAN to the distance between devices. In computer networking, the security of the network is very important.

The security of the network depends on the distance between devices, so if the data has to be sent from one device to another, it’s difficult to get it in the pan network when there is a small distance between devices.

11. Networking With Bluetooth

The pan network applies to all the devices that have a Bluetooth feature. The connectivity of PAN with the device depends on the quality of the Bluetooth signal.

The connection with the device is possible only if the signal is strong in radio frequency. But the issue is that Bluetooth is not as reliable as a wired network.

WPAN computer science

In computer science, WPAN is a very interesting network technology because it doesn’t need cabling. We used the WPAN in wireless sensor networks and wireless mesh networks.

The WPAN makes the network easy to connect with the devices. The connectivity of WPAN is very high for a large area, as long as devices can communicate with each other through radio signals.


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Final Words

Personal Area Network is one of the most important technologies in computer networking because it has many features. Personal area network lets the users create their own networks so that they can make their home more safe and secure.

Persons, sports persons and officials can use this technology to keep their home internal system more secure. The users can also get more information by using the PAN technology.

Briefly, the PAN is a low-speed network technology that lets the users connect their devices with each other even though the connection distance is small.

I hope this article’s on the advantages and disadvantages of pan network helps you. Please share your valuable suggestions in the comments. Thank you very much for reading.