3 Things You Should Do to Win a Sideswipe Truck Accident Lawsuit


You were probably cruising through the highway while listening to your favorite playlist. Suddenly, you saw a truck change lanes while overspeeding. As a result, the truck collided with the side of your car, causing a sideswipe accident.

Approximately 3% of all sideswipe crashes can lead to fatalities. But, thankfully, you weren’t severely injured because you were following the traffic rules and wearing a seat belt. Even then, you might have soft tissue damage, bruising, whiplash, sprains, etc.

If the sideswipe crash wasn’t your fault, you can file a lawsuit to get claims for your injuries and property damage. But winning such cases requires you to gather evidence, file a police report, and call your lawyer.

In this blog, we will discuss the three things that you should do to win a sideswipe truck accident lawsuit.

#1. Call 911

When you call 911 and detail the accident, the dispatcher will send the paramedics as first responders. As a sideswipe truck accident victim, you should surely get yourself checked out before anything. Even if you feel fine, there can be internal injuries that you’re unaware of. That’s because sideswipe accidents can lead to undetectable internal bleeding and organ damage.

Once you’re cleared of injuries, you can file a report with the on-scene police officers. A detailed police report is necessary if you want to file a truck accident lawsuit. This report will contain the following information that can become crucial evidence in the legal process:

  • Details about how the truck sideswiped your car. It also contains information about the vehicles, property, and people involved.
  • The report will have witness testimonials from pedestrians and other passenger cars. Statements from every party involved and witnesses will help detail the intricacies of this incident.
  • A video or pictorial representation of the accident, its location, point of collision, path of the vehicles, road conditions, etc.

Filing a police report right after the accident will also help your lawyer easily determine liability and increase your winning chances.

#2. Hire a Lawyer

The next thing you should do is hire a qualified attorney. For that, you’ll have to look for lawyers who have passed the bar exam in your state.

Let’s say you live in Edwardsville, Illinois. To become a lawyer in this state, aspirants need to spend an average of seven years completing undergraduate programs and getting a Juris Doctor (JD) degree. Therefore, look for a lawyer who has passed the Illinois Bar Exam, has familiarity with the local court system, and is registered with the Illinois Bar Association.

But most importantly, remember to hire an Edwardsville personal injury lawyer with experience in sideswipe truck accidents. These professionals will have enough experience and knowledge about Illinois truck accident laws. They’ll know how to negotiate with insurance companies or represent your unique case in court.

According to TorHoerman Law, these lawyers will easily help victims gather evidence, assess the damages caused, and determine liability. They’ll also know exactly how much compensation you can expect from such cases.

#3. Collect Incriminating Evidence at the Scene

It would be best if you kept the interactions to a minimum (unless it’s the police) at the accident scene. The only time you should have a conversation with the at-fault parties is when you’re collecting information about the trucking company and their insurance.

Apart from the trucking company’s information, you should collect the following evidence from the accident scene to help strengthen your lawsuit:

  • Take pictures of your injuries and the accident scene before moving the car.
  • Get video proof of all the other vehicles, the road conditions, traffic cameras, and the weather.
  • Make a list of the eyewitnesses and collect their phone numbers.
  • Ask for a copy of the police report that includes the incident description, sobriety tests, etc.

In a sideswipe collision, the angle of your photos will play a vital role in determining liability. Usually, these accidents cause damage to the side of your car. That’s why you should take high-quality images of the car’s doors, mirrors, windshield, loose debris, etc. Also, remember to capture every major or minor scratch and dent on the side of your car.

In conclusion, passenger vehicles like yours should be extra vigilant while driving on the highway. That’s because truck drivers are usually under a lot of stress about timely deliveries. That means they’ll drive over the speed limit and won’t check their mirrors, leading to sideswipe accidents.

Thankfully, you can file a lawsuit against the trucking company to get compensation for your injuries and property damage. But to win this, remember to collect incriminating evidence, get medical attention, file a report, and contact your lawyer.

All these will help you get compensation from the trucking companies based on the extent of your injuries and property damages.