32 reasons to learn English | why English is important

Many people question the importance of learning English. The article will enumerate 32 reasons why you should learn English and how it can benefit you in your life. Tones of research have shown that learning English is more beneficial than ever in recent years.

This article will show you why learning English is important to the world and what sort of impact the language could make in your life. Let’s begin with reasons to learn English.

How many ways to improve your English writing skills?

Writing skill in English is very important for a student of any age. An English student can improve their writing skill by improving their ability to understand the writing skills. The following are the tips to improve your writing skills:

  1. Read more
  2. Read out loud with proper pronunciation
  3. Use more adjectives and adverbs
  4. Use more sentences instead of one-word sentences
  5. Avoid short sentences
  6. Use proper punctuation
  7. Use correct grammar
  8. Make your essays more creative
  9. Write a letter to someone you love
  10. Write a letter to your best friend
  11. Write essays
  12. Make a list of your favorite books, movies, and songs
  13. Write reviews of the books you read
  14. Refer to the dictionary frequently while writing an essay

why English is important for students?

English is a language that is used worldwide, and it is widely used in business and entertainment. Business people from all over the world, who come to London or New York, for example, will use English all day in their work.

Therefore, learning English is much important for students all over the world. Here are a few reasons why English is important for students:

reasons to learn English

1. Helps in job opportunities

As a student, learn the English language because English is one language that will be used in most businesses in the world, therefore it is important to learn it.

For example, if you know only some words in English, you will not get a job of any kind. If you want to work as a salesperson, you need to learn English.

2. career opportunities

The ability to speak English is a great advantage if you want to have a career in the hospitality industry. If you want to open your own business, you will have better chances if you know English well.

3. socializing

If you want to make friends and join groups of people, knowing English can be a great advantage. If you want to go on vacation to any country, you should know the language of that country, otherwise, you will have a hard time communicating with the locals.

4. public service

In the public sector, if a particular job requires the use of English, you need to know the language well. For students who want to work in the public sector, learning English is a requirement. But it varies from country to country. English books reading are very helpful to learn English.

5. research purposes

If you are going to study anything in school or college, you need to understand the language well. Otherwise, you will have a hard time doing your studies. Like the thesis, proposals, research papers, and dissertations will be a challenge if you do not know English well.

6. entertainment purposes

If you use English in a good way, you will never be bored. As there are so many books, movies, and songs that have been created in English. It is hard to get bored if you are familiar with all these things. Entertainment is very important for students.

7. traveling purpose

Studying in foreign countries can be very hard for students if they do not speak the language. If you want to live, study, or work in a foreign country, you will have a hard time knowing the language.

Importance of English language for teachers

Teachers are an important part of the community. If they are not educated, it is difficult for the children to have a bright future. The reason is that teachers help the children to learn English. Let’s check out some reasons why teachers need to learn English:

8. help the children to study well

Teachers can help their students to learn English if they know the language well. Students will learn English easily if they have a good teacher. By helping the students to study, teachers can make a difference in their lives.

9. help the students to develop their ability

Teachers who do not know English well cannot help the students to develop their learning skills. Teachers who are not familiar with the language will confuse the students so they will lose interest in studying English.

10. Help in a bright future

A bright future for students is a great thing. If they are educated well, the students will have a bright future. They can succeed in university or jobs and make a good living for the rest of their lives.

The teachers play the main role in the whole process. If they are well educated, they can help the students to learn English and succeed in their lives.

11. Take good care of the children

If teachers cannot speak English well, they cannot take good care of the students. If they cannot communicate with students who have trouble learning English, it will not be easy to understand their problems. They can’t give expert help to solve them.

importance of English

12. Know the children’s abilities

Teachers who do not know English well cannot know the abilities of their students if they are going to decide what they will teach in classes. It can measure the ability of the children by whether they have good features such as study ability, physical activities, and arts.

13. Good social interaction

When teachers know English, they can interact well with children. If they have problems understanding the children in a class, they may lose interest in teaching. By keeping the interest in teaching, teachers can remain positive and happy.

Importance of English in Education

Education without English is like giving pills to a blind person. It is impossible. Teachers need to know English very well in order to educate their students. Here are some reasons why English is important in education

14. good basis for higher education

Without an understanding of English, it is difficult to understand anything in higher education. For example, if you are interested in doing a Ph.D. In your country, you need to pass a test in English for admission.

If you don’t understand English, you will never know the terms and concepts. So, English is important in education because it provides a good basis for higher education which is very useful at a time when there is a lack of quality lecturers who can teach science or social studies.

15. Communication with lecturers

Education without the English language is like reading a book with no words. By knowing English, teachers can communicate more efficiently with lecturers in their classes. They can ask for guidance or ask questions about other subjects in the way they want.

16. Good adjustment with children

Children who are taught English can adjust better with their peers. They can always communicate with their friends and classmates without feeling awkward or uncomfortable. They can also learn more in their schools and make good progress in their studies.

17. Good instruction

If teachers know how to teach English, they will be better at doing their jobs. They can give good instructions for other subjects such as math, science, medicine, etc. This show the importance of English in education.

18. Good relationship with students

If teachers can communicate with their students in English well, they can have a good relationship with their students. They can find out what the children are good at and what they need help with. This will make a difference in the way the children will get help from their teachers.

Why English is important for Businesses and Career?

However, there are so many people who just take English as a hobby and do not have any special interest in learning it.

For those kinds of people, studying English can be very difficult. In education and career, it plays a very important role. This is because it brings you a lot of opportunities in the future. Here are some reasons why English is important for business:

19. increases the sales

If you are working as a salesperson and you have to communicate with customers and have to sort out their problems, you can do it if you know English. It also helps in providing good service to customers.

20. important in the economy

If you are in a business, speaking and understanding the English language can be very helpful. If you speak and understand English, you can do business with foreigners.

You will also have better communication with government officials. You will understand the local laws and regulations easily. It is also important for business executives because they need to read English newspapers every day. They can’t do it if they don’t know English.

21. Better report

Business leaders can give accurate reports. This is because they know what the employees are doing and what is happening in the business. They are able to get information about the sales figures, projects, and other things that affect the business.

22. Be competitive

You can have better ideas when you know English. By taking English as a hobby, you can be competitive and be more successful in your job. You will learn new things and make your work more interesting.

23. Be more productive

You can make your job more productive if you know English. You can learn how to write reports, presentations, and other documents on time.

24. Make a good reputation

When you learn English well and know more about it, people may think that you are smart. So, if you have an important role in your company and your boss thinks that you can do it well, he will give you more responsibility and trust in your work.

25. Lies a good advantage

By knowing English well, you can be good at choosing the right words and expressions. You will have an advantage over your competitors because you will express yourself better and make your work easier.

Some other reasons to learn English

  • It makes it easier to understand the environment.
  • The English language helps in learning the culture of a country.
  • It creates better friendships
  • Learn English to gain self-confidence
  • Learn English for a bright future
  • It is an opportunity to learn the history and culture of other countries.
  • In the world of business, you need to communicate with people from other countries to get help and support in your own business.


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Final Words

English is a very important language because it helps you to live your life. You can learn and understand documents, contracts, and laws. You can deal with customers and suppliers. You can work in the international market and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

English is an important language because it helps you to communicate and understand other people. It helps to get a promotion in the workplace. It also helps you to understand your rights and duties as an employee.

If we sum up our discussion, we can see that English is a very important language in our life. We encourage all the people around the world to learn English well. Hope this article will help you learn more about the importance of English.
Good luck!