A Guide To Cheap Skip Bins, Written For A 10th Grade Reading Level:

Renting a skip bin is one of the fastest, easiest ways to handle a big clean-out or debris removal project. But bin rentals can also get pricey. Who wants to pay more than necessary to haul away junk and garbage? The good news is you can keep your rental budget-friendly by following these tips for cheap skip bins like SkipBinFinder

Choose the Right Size Bin

First, resist the urge to rent a huge bin if you don’t truly need all that space. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you have to fill it! Take measurements to estimate your actual waste volume needs. A bin that’s too big for your debris amount will cost more than required. Find the smallest bin that realistically fits your trash to save.

Compare Multiple Companies’ Rates

Prices for the same size skip can vary widely across different bin companies. Do some rate comparisons by phone or online quotes. Ask about their smallest bin options to find deals. Avoid assuming one company has the lowest prices. Shopping around ensures you don’t overpay.

Look for Limited Time Discounts

Many companies offer periodic discounts or limited-time deals like 10% off 6-yard bins or $25 off your first week rental. Check companies’ websites, social media, and anywhere else they advertise specials. Timing your rental to align with a good promo can snag significant savings.

Rent for Shorter Time Frames

Daily rental fees are usually cheaper than weekly rates. Avoid keeping a bin any longer than absolutely necessary before pickup. A few extra rental days add up quickly. Give yourself a tight timeline to load the bin fully so you can call for haul-away after just a couple days.

Split Rental Costs with Neighbors

If you and neighbors all have small debris piles, share the cost of one bin. Dump your trash together to split the rental fees. Just be mindful of size – overflowing bins with dense waste can result in overweight load fees. But collectively filling a single bin can save everyone money.

Load the Bin Strategically

Stack, pack and position debris strategically to use all the bin’s space efficiently. Load heavier items like concrete on bottom, then lighter trash on top. Fit in stray objects to prevent wasted gaps and voids. Don’t just toss in items – take time to Tetris them together.

Prevent Overweight Fees

Check your rental agreement to be aware of maximum weight limits for bins based on size. Overloading bins risks pricey overweight fees at pickup. Use common sense on very heavy items like dirt that quickly get heavy. Light loading keeps your project budget on track.

Choose All-Inclusive Rates

Some companies offer flat rates covering delivery, rental days, haul-away, taxes and all fees. This simplified pricing structure prevents surprise charges on the back end. Just ask upfront – an all-inclusive daily or weekly rate makes it easy to estimate total bin costs.


With smart planning, you can keep your skip bin rental economical. Follow these budget-friendly tips to remove debris at the lowest price. Just be sure not to sacrifice safety or service to save a few bucks. Focus on getting quality work done affordably using the right bin for your needs.