Experience in making bids – How do bids calculate money?

Bid topic is a job that requires extremely large capital to be able to build a brand and reputation to attract customers. But to be able to create a lottery house in the simplest way, you should pay attention to the taboos when creating a topic. The following article,Bookmaker  New88 will answer all your questions.
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What is a bid?

The lottery bidder is the lottery owner, the lottery dealer. This could be an organization or an individual doing it. To create a theme requires the implementer to have strong capital and reputation to stand up and accept suggestions from players. If the player loses, the lottery house will eat their bet. If the player wins, the lottery house is responsible for paying the winnings to the player at a pre-agreed rate.

Along with that, there is also another type of topic called an intermediary, this person’s task is to connect between the player and the house. The intermediary directly receives bets from players, provides information and transfers bets to the lottery house and they will receive a certain commission.

Why does the theme bidder always win over the player?

Lottery games are random and the number of winners is very small. The auction just takes money from the loser and pays it to the winner, while the winner gets very little.

This is a red and black game, so most players often play the numbers randomly, choosing whichever number they like without scientific calculation. While the winning rate of the lottery is only 1%, the maximum winning rate of the lottery is 27%. That’s why players often lose.

With the psychology of gamblers wanting to get rich quickly, that’s why they have the mentality of “Winning is eager to play, losing is eager to recover”. But no one can win forever. Once you lose, you will recover, and the more you win, the deeper you will sink.

If you are interested in the lottery, you certainly cannot help but care about the odds of winning the lottery. Depending on each region, each style of play, the house will have different ways of paying bonuses. You can read more comprehensive articles from us to better understand how to calculate this ratio.

Summary of detailed lottery mastery experiences

Currently, there are two main ways to bid on lottery numbers: online lottery bidding and traditional lottery bidding. Let’s learn more specifically:

Instructions for making lottery numbers online

To bid online is not difficult, players need to create an online account. Next, you need to let more players know about you and build reputation to attract more players.

The main task of an online lottery contractor is to receive lottery numbers and bets from players. Next, you need to bet on the exact amount and lottery number. If the player wins the bet, you will withdraw money and pay the reward to that player. Whether the player wins or loses, you still receive a commission from the house.

WithHow to play lottery In this case, you need to choose a reputable bookmaker to ensure that the house will not break your bank. At the same time, it ensures high profits for yourself.

Do traditional lottery bidding

With traditional lottery, you can earn a lot of profit if you do it properly and have many relationships to expand customers. However, it is quite risky because it involves the law and can cause the contractor to default.

You can understand that traditional lottery topics are like miniature bookmakers. At that time, the contractor will do the work himself, that is, organize the business and collect and spend on his own. Therefore, it is necessary to have a large capital source to pay rewards to players and rotate. And of course, to help your business go smoothly, you must have as many relationships and a network of intermediaries as possible.

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What should you worship as a contractor? Taboos when owning the lottery

Perhaps with the red, black and lucky nature of the lottery, many people are interested in mastering the lottery, what should they offer? What do you worship? With regards to this spiritual aspect, it depends on your faith and customs to determine the correct worship. However, the lottery topic is also a business, so you should also worship the god of wealth and locality.

Along with that, lottery owners should also abstain to help their work go smoothly and have good luck.

  • Lottery owners should not eat dishes such as dog meat, duck eggs or duck meat.
  • You need to stay alert, do not drink, get drunk, or use other stimulants while mastering the lottery.
  • If unfortunately there is a funeral in the family, you should stop playing the lottery for a while.

How to bid and calculate payment?

First, the contractor needs to know how to calculate his commission. To calculate, you need to be sure of the winning rate offered by the house. From there, you can calculate the payout for players and the commission for yourself.

For example: when you receive the lottery, one lottery point you have to pay to the house is 23,000 VND. Meanwhile, you receive 25,000 VND from the customer, meaning you receive 2,000 VND in commission. If you receive a lot of 27,000 VND, you will receive 4,000 VND. From there we can see that the house rewards the dealer about 15% with the formula: (27-23)/27*100%= 15%.

Can mastering the lottery make you rich?

Reality has proven that most people who own lotteries become rich. For lottery topics that have been working for a long time, have built up prestige and have a large number of players and a lot of bets, they will receive a large commission.

Whether you get a lot of money or not depends a lot on the number of players and the amount they bet. As long as the contractor maintains his mentality and obeys the rules of the game, having a stable source of income is not difficult.

How are contractors punished?

For many people who are just starting to become a lottery owner, or are learning to become a lottery contractor, they are often worried when they don’t know what the punishment will be if the lottery owner is caught? If you step into this field, if you do not have experience, learn how to develop and build systems, you will easily be handled, in light cases you will be handled administratively, in serious cases you will be held criminally responsible.

Big profits are often associated with high risks. If unfortunately caught, lottery bidders can be fined from 10 to 20 million VND. However, you don’t need to worry too much, because currently there are many people playing online lottery, ensuring confidentiality and safety, while helping you earn huge profits.

Above are all the bidding experiences that  New88 sends to you in the most detailed and easy-to-understand way. Any highly profitable business comes with risks, so don’t be too afraid but firmly grasp the above techniques and experiences to succeed in mastering the lottery.