list of 20 advantages of private schools over public in points Essay

Many parents are wondering whether they should send their children to private or public schools. In theory, it might seem like a straightforward decision to go with the public school system, which is funded by tax dollars and open to all children with no kind of tuition.

But in reality, it can be a bit more difficult. Even though the public system is free, private schools can have many advantages over public ones, including smaller class sizes and better materials. Below are some of the main advantages of private schools.

What are private schools?

Private schools, also called independent schools, are non-government institutions of learning. They are still considered schools, but the government does not operate them.

Private schools may be attached to a specific religious denomination or run independently as non-denominational institutions.

Other types of private schools include charter schools and magnet schools. Three are 34,576 private schools in the United States that served over 5.7 million students. In 2020 that number was 32,461 and increasing rapidly.

Some Benefits & advantages of private schools

The first reason is that while they have tuition, they are still cheaper compared to the public school system in most states.

Private schools have smaller class sizes, which can be beneficial for students with learning disabilities, who may prefer a smaller classroom size. Let’s explore some other benefits of private schools.

1. Smaller Classroom Size

In public schools, students can be in a classroom of 25 to 50 students. In private schools, the average class size is between 12 and 20 depending on the actual private school.

This makes it easier to get more help and also has fewer distractions. Private schools can also focus on the individual needs of students.

2. Quality Education

Sections of the private school will provide students with a quality education, which is a life skill that might not be available in public schools.

Private school students have more opportunities to learn about the world around them because it exposes them to different cultures. They can learn about different ways of life and also about their own culture at private schools.

3. More Discipline

Since the government does not fund private schools, they usually have stricter rules than public schools. This helps children get into better habits and better discipline.

Private schools have security officers on campus as well to help with this. Students learn to follow the rules and also help other students follow the rules.

4. Believe in Individualized learning

Some authors who have written on this subject say that private schools are more flexible in the education system. They consider the needs of the children and realize everyone learns differently.

Some believe that group study is more beneficial than individualized study. This is because as they get older, it will help with group projects, as well as communication skills. In my point of view, it depends on the student.

5. Greater chances of Success

Some studies show that private schools have higher success rates than public schools. Some students are not as well prepared for life in the public school system after graduating from a private school.

This is good because they have been more prepared for the next level of schooling, whether it is college or an apprenticeship. ”Here’s why private school graduates are more successful

6. More Learning Opportunities

Private elementary schools have many opportunities for children to take on different learning. They can take on subjects that can help them in the future like computer science for example.

They can also take on creative study, which is studying artistically. This can range from drawing to music. This can increase the learning levels of the students as they grow older.

merits of private schools

7. Equal Opportunities

Private schools offer equal opportunities to males and females. They try to provide equal opportunities in the classroom and on the sports field and tennis courts. This is a great thing for many parents as they want their children to get the same education.

They do not want to get into a situation of being discriminated against because of their gender. Because they thought co-education has many benefits that are not offered in some public schools. So, equal opportunities are a great private school advantages.

8. Better Testing System

Private schools have a better test system in place than public schools and sometimes students who attend private schools are better prepared for their exams.

This is because it has taught them to be more responsible with their tests by focusing on the individual needs of each student.

benefits of private schools

9. Greater Entertainment

Some students enjoy private school and this can make it more fun. This can include arts and crafts, sports, and other activities they enjoy doing.

They feel they are getting more out of their education than the public-school students, who may not enjoy the same sports or arts as much as the private students. Touring around private schools with the kids can be a fun family activity.

10. Work on a Proactive Approach

Private schools practice a proactive approach to learning. In public schools, this is not really the case most of the time. Private schools have a higher focus on discipline and getting students to be prepared for the future—this includes college, work, or apprenticeships.

In public schools, this is not really a priority. The way public schools have done this in the past and continue doing so even today is by cutting out the class size, cutting down on discipline, and lowering the age at which students are prepared for work.

11. Safe Learning Environment

Private schools have a safer learning environment for their students. This is one of the greatest things about private schools, especially today.

Private schools are better equipped to make sure students do not get hurt themselves as they learn, which is extremely important with the number of violent acts that happen in education today.

pros of private schools

12. Tuition help and Grants

Private schools have lower tuition costs than public schools. They might not have high-class sizes, but they are still cheaper compared to the public school system. More often than not, private schools also offer grants for their students who qualify for them.

Some other reasons to go to private schools

  • More personal attention.
  • Better prepared for college and future careers.
  • A change from the “status quo” of public education today.
  • A boost to academic achievement in other schools.
  • More discipline and guidance than public schools offer and a greater sense of order.
  • Better quality teachers who are well trained, experienced, and committed to their student’s success.
  • A chance to learn new skills that you would not try in a public school.
  • An opportunity to learn with friends from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and from different social, cultural, racial, and religious backgrounds.

10 Reasons Why Private Schools Are Better than Public Schools

  1. Smaller class sizes: Private schools typically have smaller class sizes than public schools, which allows for more individualized attention for each student.
  2. Higher academic standards: Private schools often have higher academic standards than public schools, and they may offer more challenging courses.
  3. More extracurricular activities: Private schools often offer a wider range of extracurricular activities than public schools, which can help students to develop their interests and talents.
  4. A safer environment: Private schools often have a safer environment than public schools, with lower crime rates and more security measures in place.
  5. A stronger sense of community: Private schools often have a stronger sense of community than public schools, with more parent involvement and support.
  6. A more diversified student body: Private schools are often more diversified than public schools, with students from different backgrounds and socioeconomic groups.
  7. Better facilities and resources: Private schools often have better facilities and resources than public schools, such as state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories.
  8. More qualified teachers: Private schools often hire more qualified teachers than public schools, with higher salaries and better benefits.
  9. A more focused curriculum: Private schools often have a more focused curriculum than public schools, which can help students to excel in their chosen field of study.
  10. A better reputation: Private schools often have a better reputation than public schools, which can make it easier for students to get into college and get good jobs after graduation.
  11. More opportunities for advancement: Private schools often offer more opportunities for advancement for their students, such as scholarships and internships.


Why private schools are better than public schools? Above we comprehensively discuss the reasons and advantages of private schools.

So, we think private schools are better than public schools. If you live in a country like the USA, India, Pakistan, or any other schooled country then you should send your kid to a private school.

Because they trained better, they trained more disciplined; they have higher quality teachers, and also; they have more fun. They are high-cost schools but you can get a scholarship if you are poor. So don’t forget to send your kids to private school if you can afford it.

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