Make Your Kids Smile with These Easy April Fools’ Day Pranks

Looking for hilarious April Fools’ Day jokes your kids will love? Check out our list of family-friendly pranks that are guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces!

From silly fake foods to outrageous pranks, we’ve got you covered with the best April Fools’ Day ideas for kids. Get ready for a day full of laughter and fun with these kid-friendly April Fools jokes!

Everyone gets a chance of enjoying themselves a little more on 1st April. This day is making us laugh for several generations. In the year 2023, the 1st of April will fall on Saturday, which means you have got a weekend to prepare and carry out a few fun, safe practical jokes on children of all ages.

Pranks can be difficult to explain to young children because they require a delicate balance between fun for all parties involved and harmless wickedness.

April Fools Pranks to do at Home

Here is some interesting April Fool pranks you can try at home:

1. Good Morning

The easiest jokes can sometimes prove to be the funniest. Wake your children up earlier than usual and tell them they have missed the bus and are running late for school.

2. Fake Toothpaste

What do your children do right away after getting up in the morning? Yes, we have a harmless and tasty prank for their toothbrush time.

Give them a toothbrush with something that looks like toothpaste. It will be fun to watch when they find cream cheese, icing, or any other acceptable tasty replacement in their mouth.

3. Endless Clothes

If you are a kid or a parent, you can try this amazing prank with a simple thread. Steal any clothes (especially socks) of your family member and connect each piece of clothing to a lengthy chain with a thread.

Whenever that person wants to take out a pair of socks from the box, an entire chain will come out which is enough to annoy them.

4. Upside Down Prank

Get up early and flip all small objects in the room upside down. It will be fun to watch parents’ reactions when they see the house turned upside down.

5. Magical Shoes

You don’t need any special equipment to pull off this magical prank. Just hold your child’s shoes and stuff them with newspaper, cotton balls, or toilet paper. Your child will think that their feet have grown overnight when they go to put on their shoes.

April Fools Pranks

Good April Fools Pranks

Here are some good April Fools’ Day pranks you can try:

  1. Cover a bar of soap with clear nail polish so it won’t lather.
  2. Place a fake spider in a friend’s desk drawer or in their lunchbox.
  3. Swap the sugar and salt in the shakers at the dining table.
  4. Tape a piece of paper over the sensor of a computer mouse, so it won’t work.
  5. Put a fake parking ticket on someone’s car.
  6. Leave a fake spider or bug in the bathroom sink or bathtub.
  7. Put googly eyes on all the pictures in your friend’s house.
  8. Put a piece of tape over the sensor of a TV remote so it won’t work.
  9. Tell your friend you’re going to teach them a magic trick, but just put a piece of ice down their shirt.

Remember to keep it harmless and fun, and make sure everyone involved can have a good laugh!

Fool’s Day April Fools Pranks

1. Boom Balloon

Place a helium balloon with the words “Happy April Fool’s Day” on it under the restroom seat. As your family lifts the lid and sees it float out, watch their surprise.

2. Healthy Candy

If your children love to eat Tootsie candies, you can open a few tootsie rolls and replace candies with baby carrots to give them a nutritious surprise.

3. Water Bottle Surprise

Grab a pin, and while your siblings aren’t watching you, poke small holes all over their water bottles. They will go to drink water and realize their drink is spilling everywhere. For the best outcome, just make a hole above the waterline.

4. Turn on the Lights

You can put tape on the light buttons to prevent your children to turn on the light. Use colored tape if the child is younger. The best tape for older children is clear tape that has been shaped to fit the switch.

5. Colored Water in Sink

Take a Q-Tip and cover it in food dye. After that, use it to clean the faucet’s interior. When the next person tries to turn on the water, the entire sink will turn blue, purple, orange, or any color you have used. However, don’t use red color as anyone can freak out thinking that it’s blood.

6. Scary Mask Prank

Two family members can perform this prank on anyone. One has to hide in the closet wearing a scary mask and the other has to ask the kids (or another member) to go in and get something out of the closet. Yes, it will be a scary and fun prank any doubt.

April Fools Pranks For Kindergartners

Here are some April Fools’ Day pranks that are appropriate for kindergartners:

1. Change the Room Settings

Go into the room of the kids at night and change all the room settings including their furniture and everything. You can also change the beds of your children if they are heavy sleepers. This April Fools’ prank is perfect for kids who are heavy sleepers.

Sneak in during the night and shuffle their furniture around, change out of their comforter, or even swap your kids from one bed to another. They will wake up wondering what exactly occurred in the night while they were sleeping.

2. Jelly Juice Prank

Make some Jell-O at home, add a straw, and let it sit in crystal glasses until it takes on the appearance of your kid’s favorite juice or fruit punch. Serve your children these glasses of “juice,” and see their reactions while they try to drink that.

3. Moldy Bread Prank

Kids can play this prank on their parents to have a little fun this April holiday. Nothing irritates parents more than finding out that the bread they just purchased from the shops has already spoiled.

You can actually make it happen by pouring a few drops of green color on the slices of bread. Don’t use color on the top slice to hide the colored mold in the middle. Then enjoy their reaction when they open the bread for their daily sandwich or morning toast.

Good April Fools Pranks

4. Swap the Breakfast

For kids who love their favorite cereal, this is the ideal April Fools’ prank. Swap their favorite cereal with a healthier or less sugary option. For this purpose, take the cereal box and replace the cereal inside with any other healthy cereal.

Then watch to see how long it takes to realize that they are eating something different from their favorite breakfast.

5. Defective Mouse Prank

Is your parent always working on a computer? Then, this April fool prank is the best way to make them crazy. Cover the ball or light on the bottom of their computer mouse with a piece of clear scotch tape.

As a result, it won’t move and the mouse won’t function. Then just watch as they become frustrated and puzzled over why their mouse isn’t working. How much longer can you make it last?

April Fools Jokes For Elementary Students

1. Freeze the Smartphones/PC

Take a Screenshot of their computer or smartphone screen and leave it open or set it as their screen saver. This prank is the best for children who are completely addicted to their tabs and smartphones.

Allow them to panic for a while as they believe their screen is stuck before you intervene to calm them down.

2. Treat with Brownies

If you are a teacher, you can offer your students some brownies to eat when they arrive at school. After that, distribute Es that you have cut out of brown construction paper. That will be quite fun to watch. You can also give them real brownies later to make them feel happy.

3. Change the Seating Plan

As a teacher, you can remove all the desks or change their positions in the classroom and pretend that you have no idea who did it. The students will be confused and ask you if you know why it all has been changed.

4. Soap Prank

This is an old but effective prank technique that works every time. Everyone has a bar of soap by the sink or in the bathroom. You pick that soap for playing this prank but make sure the soap bar is completely dry.

Then, carefully polish that soap with clear nail polish. When the polish becomes dry, put that soap back in its place, and whenever your family member will try to use the soap you will enjoy that scene.

5. Crawlers Prank

You should only play this prank when you are 100% sure that your children will not be panicked from watching bugs. That’s why it is not recommended for small kids.

When your kids go to sleep, grab a few ants and other creepy insects made of plastic and leave them on their pillows, table, or any other place. These fake insects will scare the hell out of them until they touch them and realize that they are fake.

April Fools Jokes For Kids

Silly jokes are the best way to keep the kids laughing and reading. That’s why we have compiled all “Mom approved” jokes for your kids so you can print them, read them, and make everyone in the room laugh.

  • Why do omelets love the 1st of April? They enjoy practical yolks!
  • Why are people so tired on April first? Since they just completed a 31-day March!
  • What do tellers at banks distribute on April 1? Prank card numbers!
  • What was said by April Fool’s Day after winning an award? Prank You!
  • How do flowers in April kiss? With their “Tu Lips”!
  • What is the proper way for a rainstorm to tie its shoes? With a rainbow!
  • What’s the deal with the frogs being so happy today? They eat whatever bugs them.
  • What kinds of gardens do bakers grow? Flour Gardens!
  • What distinguishes Thanksgiving from April Fool’s Day? On one you are thankful and on the other you are trunkful!
  • Did you hear about Emily who was looking forward to spring? It wet its plants.


  • What makes a flower help ride a bicycle? Through its petals!
  • What is your favorite holiday at a gas pump? It’s April Fuel’s Day!
  • What goes up when April rains come down? An umbrella!
  • Fill their lunchbox with all red foods or all orange foods.
  • Draw a silly face on their banana with a marker.
  • Cut out construction paper fish and tape them around the classroom or the house.
  • Switch the contents of two different snack bags in their lunchbox.
  1. Put googly eyes on their toys or stuffed animals.
  2. Put a whoopee cushion on their chair.
  3. Tell them you made them an ice cream sundae, but instead, it’s just mashed potatoes with chocolate syrup.
  1. Put a small amount of clear tape over the sensor of their TV remote so it won’t work.
  2. Switch the places of their right and left shoes.
  3. Tell them you’re going to teach them a magic trick, but instead just pull out a handkerchief and pretend it’s a rabbit.

Final Words

As the 1st of April approaches near, everyone is searching for some exciting ways to prank their family members and friends. April Fool’s Day is not only for adult pranksters as the parents and kids also want to have a lot of fun on this day.

That’s why we have provided the best April Fools Jokes For Kids which can play harmless but exciting pranks on both parents and kids.

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