Over/Under Betting – Instructions for reading standard Okvip Over/Under betting odds

Over/Under Betting This is a type of bet favored by many professional football bettors. However, for new players, it is very difficult to bet because this bet has many different odds. Today let’s learn about the latest way to read odds at Reputable bookmaker Okvip Please.
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The outstanding advantages you get from the Okvip Over/Under bet

Okvip is a bookmaker that specializes in providing attractive online soccer betting for bettors. Especially the variety of attractive soccer bets. In there Over/Under odds is the main type of bet that this bookmaker launches extremely enthusiastically.

The special advantage of this bet is that the bettor does not need to care about who wins in the end. Just need to know if the score in the match is as expected or not. There will be a higher win rate than just the team winning.

Players can also bet with extremely flexible betting times. Easily place bets while the match is taking place. With the right to choose to bet completely belongs to you.

In addition, currently Over/Under bets at bookmaker Okvip are considered to have the highest win rate in the market. After just one game, everyone can get their capital back immediately. Even the profit is not small.

Instructions on how to read basic Over/Under odds at Okvip betting house

Over/Under Betting In the odds table, it is often abbreviated as O/U (Over/Under). At the same time, before the match, bookmaker Okvip will give a certain number to predict the football match.

When you bet higher than the number given by this reputable house, it is Over. Otherwise, placing a lower bet is Under. With the basic way to read the odds table as follows:

  • Bet 0.5/1: The total goal is greater than or equal to 2 then Over wins. Otherwise, Under wins.
  • One-goal bet: If the total goal is greater than or equal to 2, then Over wins. Otherwise, Under wins.
  • 5 left bet: If the total goal is greater than 2, Over wins. Otherwise, Under wins.
  • 5/2 left bet: If the total goal is greater than 3, Over wins. Otherwise, Under wins.

Overview of how to bet on Okvip over/under in soccer betting

Because the special point is that only the results are counted, this bet can be placed in multiple rounds. Just during the official match time, you can always open the betting table to choose a bet immediately.

How to bet on Over/Under bets in the first half

Over/Under Betting In the first half, players only need to predict the outcome of the game in 1 half of the match. The given odds usually revolve around 1, 1.25, 1.75 and 1.5 for gamers to choose to bet on.
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Regarding the way of playing, it is completely similar to the way of betting on Over/Under the whole match. Members choose Over or Under depending on the odds table. Bets can be placed before the match starts. Or you can bet while the match is taking place.

How to bet on Over/Under bets for the second half

Similar to first half betting, second half betting is betting on the result of the entire second half. The final result of the match is not included. At the same time, it will not be included in the results of extra time.

How to bet: players can bet on the second half while watching the live stream. Choose Over or Under in the table provided by bookmaker Okvip. At the same time, this is a market with many fluctuations, so please check the odds carefully.

Your comparison of the Over/Under odds with other Okvip bets

There are some questions about the odds of Over/Under bets. As mentioned above, the win rate of this bet is super high. For more clarity, please read the information below.

Over/Under bets and handicap bets

Compared to the handicap bet, this bet has a slightly lower winning rate. Because the handicap is handicapping the strength of the stronger team, the winning rate is quite fluctuating. It’s almost time to pull it up a lot.

Over/Under and European odds

Compared to European odds, Over/Under bets have a much better winning rate. Because it has more betting levels than European odds, there are only 3 main bets. Bring greater profits to everyone.

Can say Over/Under odds This is an extremely interesting bet for you to bet on. With great chances of winning with super high odds at Okvip. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and register for an Okvip account to play this bet right away.