The Advantages of Texting: How It Saves Time and Energy

If we compare the advantages of texting over calling, then we conclude that text messages help users in different ways. Texting is a way of sending short messages (typically less than 160 characters) using a mobile device or computer.

We also know it as SMS (short message service) and instant messaging. Text messages can be sent to and received from any mobile phone, and we typically deliver them within seconds of being sent.

Texting is a built-in feature in all mobiles (without using an internet connection) and its purpose is to send a quick, relevant, and timely message to your family, friends, colleagues, customers, or businesses.

Benefits of Texting – Improves Lifestyle

Some studies have revealed that those people who share their problems with others conveniently in text experience less pain than others. 

It is kind of ‌difficult to express yourself or your problem to someone else face to face or by calling, but then text messaging does great work. 

It helps people to cope or handle challenging situations in life and one can read those relaxing texts again in need while calls or face-to-face communication don’t have that facility.

In fact, it helps in improving one’s lifestyle by making him handle traumatic conditions and interpersonal relationships by doing instant texting.

Medical Benefits of Texting

Some researchers have also revealed the importance of texting between patients, physicians, and other healthcare providers. 

The research studies conducted imply that texting benefits patients in uncomplicated communication with personal doctors. 

It is an easy and advanced way of collecting patients’ information in scientific studies or helping suicidal individuals by instantly responding to them via text messages.

Even doctors are not big fans of texting, but they now understand the importance of this attribute in improving health.

Advantages of texting: Enhancing Customer Experience

Communication is key in businesses, but it has shown in various studies that texting over calling has a better ROI as it personalized the user experience. 

People have realized that this way of communication promotes professionalism, even though they thought it to be informal some time ago. Verbal agreements may cause problems in the long run, but a written agreement flourishes your business. Other advantages of texting in businesses include:

  • Text messages provide high open rates compared to other communication channels.
  • SMS causes less disruption as calls may have a loud ringing sound interrupting the meetings or personal lunch timings.
  • Texting is versatile as everyone from sales and marketing to customer support can use it to get better results.
  • Calls have more chances of being ignored as it does not define the time limits that how long this call will go. In 90% of cases, customers are not answering their phone calls anymore. But an SMS is more likely to get a response at a customer’s convenience without intruding on the important work of enhancing customers’ engagement.
  • Text messaging makes you stand out from the competition as it is not much common in marketing strategies opted for by businesses yet.
  • SMS is less likely to flag as spam while, with emails, various emails go into the spam folder.
  • Texting opens a direct line of communication between customers and businesses. 
  • One can also schedule automated responses to respond to customers.
  • Texting is customizable and trackable as one can custom-tailor the personalized texts to the targeted audience by a local phone number. 
  • It is an easy way to collect feedback and request reviews.
  • Surveys show people tend to receive marketing materials in messages rather than calls. Also, there is a pileup of marketing emails that will mess up the email inbox. Hence, it is overall people’s choice to get informed via SMS.
  • Above all, it is a cost-effective and most efficient way for mass texting using business texting software.

The pros of texting mentioned above outline the massive benefits that SMS (messaging) can give to your businesses.

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Advantages of SMS

Some studies have proved that SMS is a quick and easy way of reaching out to others by rising above the noise and cons of other saturated communication channels.

It is a way that is better than phone calls and emails in terms of both speed and better open rates. 

People’s attitudes towards SMS also influence this tool’s acceptability statistics in businesses. Some stats include:

  • SMS has a 99% open rate.
  • In 95% of cases, people read their texts within three minutes (Forbes).
  • The average response time for a text is 90 seconds while for emails, it is around 90 minutes.
  • It is 10 times faster to send and receive a text than a voice call.
  • A study shows that only 6% of business emails get a response while the response rate is 45% for text messages.
  • Approximately 75% of people don’t mind receiving a brand’s text message.
  • Around 64% of consumers have a positive perception of a company that uses SMS as a service channel.
  • Consumers who want to text for customer support rather than call have a ratio greater than 50%.

So, from personal to professional life, there seem to be plenty of advantages of using text as a communication channel over any other means.

What are the advantages of texting over calling?

In 90% of the cases, people ignore or avoid their calls because of interruptions in meetings, or due to lack of time. But they are more inclined to answer back the text message when they are free.

  1. Easy way to communicate
  2. Easy to convenience
  3. Texting is typically cheaper than making phone calls or sending letters.
  4. We can use texting for Multi-tasking
  5. Texting provides a record of your conversations,
  6. More Flexible than phone calls 



  • Convenience
  • Efficiency
  • Non-intrusive
  • Record keeping
  • Accessible


  • Lack of tone and context
  • Limited expression
  • Delayed response time
  • Dependence on technology
  • Security concerns.

The main benefit of using a text box instead of simply typing is to get greater control over the positioning of text. Also, one can use text box formatting tools to add additional design elements to the text using a text box.


Final Words

In conclusion, texting has numerous advantages that make it a valuable communication tool in today’s world. It’s convenient, efficient, non-intrusive, and accessible, making it a great option for staying in touch with others.

It also offers the added benefit of record keeping, allowing you to revisit past conversations easily. However, it’s important to keep in mind its limitations, such as the lack of tone and context, limited expression, and delayed response time.

Overall, when used appropriately, texting can be an excellent way to enhance communication and maintain connections with others. We hope you enjoy the advantages of texting.

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