The difference Between Microsoft word vs google docs

Many people have asked about the actual difference between Microsoft Word and Google Docs, but it would need a lot of information to cover the differences.

This article will explain the major differences between these two programs and how they can be used for writing papers or documents.

The main differences in their functions are their files, the languages they support, and their uniqueness. Let’s look at Microsoft Word vs Google Docs.

What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is a word processing program produced by Microsoft. It saves documents in the .doc format, and it uses a menu with tabs that enable users to access various features.

The software includes spelling and grammar checkers, as well as other features like vocabulary builders.

This software is not just for writers; We can use it for creating designs, drawings, presentations, and research papers. Word files often come in the .doc format, but a program called WordPad can also edit files.

Users of Microsoft Word are required to have a Windows operating system.

What is Google Docs?

Google Docs is a word processing program that is used online. It has many of the same features as Microsoft Word, including spell checks, grammar checks, and a thesaurus.

The major difference is how it saves files: it saves documents in Google Drive, not in the .doc format. Also, Google Docs is free to use.

Another feature that differentiates it from Microsoft Word is the ability to share documents with other users. Managers can create a staff list and give permission to different individuals to view or edit certain files.

Microsoft Word vs Google Docs

Besides the many functions of these two software programs, there are several major differences between the two.

1. Save Files

The two programs have determined the way they saved their files.

Google Docs
Google Docs saves documents online in .dox files. In Google Docs, you can save your documents in any Google Drive account.
Google Docs
Google Docs save documents online in .dox files. In Google docs, you can save your documents in any Google Drive account.

2. Web Accessibility

Google Docs
We can use google docs from any computer that has an internet connection.

Tasks such as editing a document, saving it to Google Drive, or using the grammar and spelling checker are all available online.
Google Docs
We can use Google Docs from any computer that has an internet connection.

Tasks such as editing a document, saving it to Google Drive, or using the grammar and spelling checker are all available online.

3. Sharing Feature

Google Docs
Google Docs offers a sharing feature that allows users to share and collaborate with other users. Users can also share documents with a few people.
Microsoft Word
While Microsoft Word offers the same sharing feature, they limit it to a single user.

4. Editing Feature

Google Docs
When editors share documents via Google Docs, they can edit their documents and share them with other users.
People who are viewing the documents in real time can edit documents.
Microsoft Word
While in MS word, you cannot edit a document. Filing a document is also not possible in MS word.

5. Interface

Google Docs
Microsoft Word has a very simple interface and is not as user-friendly as Google Docs.
Microsoft Word
While using Google Docs, you can do all the basic operations quickly and easily.
Google Docs Interface
image 1
Microsoft Word Interface

6. Cost

Google Docs
Microsoft Word is a paid program, and it requires the purchase of Microsoft software and a computer.
Microsoft Word
Google Docs is free and does not require the installation of any software.

7. Functionality

Google Docs
Google Docs has all the basic functions that are required in a word processor. It offers many unique features such as collaboration and sharing files. PDF processing is another feature.
Microsoft Word
While Microsoft Word has several functions, they are limited and cannot be used online.

8. Add-Ons

Both Microsoft Word and Google Docs are integrated with add-ons. The add-ons help in improving the features of both these programs.

Microsoft Word is a good choice for users who want to write as well as edit.

Google Docs is ideal for users who want to collaborate, edit, and save files in real time. For example, on Microsoft Word, you can use the spell checker and grammar checker.

9. Documents Formats

Google Docs
While Google Docs saves documents in .dox files. Some other extensions of google docs are .odt, .odp, .ods, .rtf, and .html.
Microsoft Word
The formats of the two programs are different in that Microsoft Word saves its files in .docx
image 2
Documents Formats In Google Docs

10. File Description

Google Docs
In Google Docs, you can use the boxes to write questions for an essay.

This feature is called “Note”. You can also upload files from your computer to Google Docs.
Microsoft Word
MS Word is a word processor program and is not just used for writing papers.

MS Word files are in the .docx file format. It can be used for writing, editing, designing, and even for presentations.

Key Difference Between Google Docs and Microsoft Word

Google Docs and Microsoft Word are popular word-processing tools used for creating, editing, and formatting documents. Here are the key differences between the two:

  1. Ownership and Access:
    • Google Docs is a cloud-based application that is accessible through a web browser. It is owned by Google and primarily stored online.
    • Microsoft Word is a part of the Microsoft Office suite and is installed on a device or accessed through Office 365, a cloud-based platform. We can use it online or offline.
  2. Storage and Collaboration:
    • Google Docs automatically saves documents to Google Drive (cloud storage) in real-time, allowing easy sharing and simultaneous collaboration with multiple users.
    • Microsoft Word offers cloud-based storage through OneDrive, allowing collaboration on documents in real-time, but it has traditionally been more focused on individual desktop use.
  3. Real-time Collaboration:
    • Google Docs emphasizes real-time collaboration, enabling multiple users to edit a document simultaneously. It reflects instantly changes for all collaborators.
    • Microsoft Word also offers real-time collaboration, but traditionally, it has not been as seamless and integrated as Google Docs. However, with recent updates and Office 365, real-time collaboration has improved.
  4. Offline Editing:
    • Google Docs provides limited offline editing capabilities through the use of the “Offline Mode” extension in Chrome, allowing users to edit and view documents offline.
    • Microsoft Word offers more robust offline editing features. Users can work on documents without an internet connection using the locally installed application.
  5. Integration and Compatibility:
    • Google Docs easily integrates with other Google Workspace apps (Google Sheets, Google Slides, etc.) and allows seamless collaboration across various Google services.
    • Microsoft Word is part of the broader Microsoft Office ecosystem, making it seamlessly integrated with other Office apps (Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and services.
  6. Features and Functionality:
    • Both Google Docs and Microsoft Word offer a wide range of features for document creation, formatting, styles, spell-checking, templates, tables, images, and more.
    • Microsoft Word, as a mature application, has a broader range of advanced features, extensive formatting options, and intricate layout capabilities.
  7. Pricing and Licensing:
    • Google Docs is available for free with a Google account. Additional features are available through Google Workspace plans, which are subscription-based.
    • Microsoft Word is part of the Microsoft Office suite, which requires a paid subscription (Office 365) or a one-time purchase (Office 2019/2021).
  8. Customization and Templates:
    • Google Docs offers customization options and templates, but the variety and depth of templates may be more limited compared to Microsoft Word.
    • Microsoft Word provides a vast array of customization options, including a wide selection of templates, styles, fonts, and themes.


Microsoft Word is a good choice for people who need to do a lot of writing and editing. However, if you are looking for an easy-to-use word processor that would also allow you to collaborate, Google Docs is the better option.

Google Docs is a word-processing program that allows users to share, edit, and save documents online. We can use it with any device that has an internet connection.

The software is part of the Google Drive suite of programs and is available in Google’s software store. We hope this article Microsoft Word vs Google Docs was helpful to you!