15 Advantages of Ms access

Microsoft Access is excellent database software. It is more efficient than using excel, for it is possible to make changes to the data without having to reprogram the entire system.

There are a lot of advantages of ms access. MS access can be used for various business purposes, and several knowledgeable professionals can help you utilize its full potential. This database can help you maintain customer information, product prices, inventories, etc.

If you haven’t considered MS access as the database solution to your problems, you need to ponder its advantages. Access is useful in several applications, including invoicing, inventory management, and accounting.

15 Advantages of MS access

Access is more flexible than other database software. If you want to make changes to the database, you don’t need to reprogram your entire system. Access allows users to add on or alter information with ease. There are many benefits of Ms access, and some are listed below:

Advantages of Ms access

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1. Cost of development

It is very easy to develop and modify MS access database software. It does not need specific technology or programming skills.

Microsoft offers Access with its other database programs for free. Therefore, the developing and maintaining MS Access database applications is very low compared to other expensive database software.

2. Reusable Code

It is possible to reuse code from other database applications. When you develop a database application, you have many options because various solutions can meet your needs and preferences.

MS access database is a good example of reusability because it has been used successfully repeatedly by thousands of business users throughout the world.

3. Flexibility

Data exchange between different programs is simplified using MS Access database software. This eliminates the need to reprogram, and it is possible to meet any new challenges which may come up in the future.

Due to its flexibility, the MS Access database application is preferred by many users because they can modify it according to their specific needs.

4. Software Integration

MS Access is a versatile tool that can easily interact with other applications and can be used to develop or enhance the functionality of different applications.

It is useful in data exchange and in developing new software solutions. Database users can use it to develop new database applications.

5. Legacy Data

It is easy to integrate legacy data with MS Access because the back-end data access is well documented.

Legacy data refers to any information that has been used by an older application and consists of a variety of data elements.

MS access can be very useful in accessing existing legacy data stored in other databases.

6. Distribution

MS Access database software is available locally, but it is also distributed in different places around the globe.

Its integrated environment allows users to access data and all its other functions regardless of location. Users can also create new databases and distribute them in several places.

7. Unique Identifier

The database application is uniquely identified by combining the data source name, access database owner, and access database password.

When creating a new database, these fields are given values that help you identify which server, application, and user created it.

8. Automate Actions 

MS access has many automation features that simplify developing, testing, and maintaining a database system.

These features are meant to make it easier for data entry and allow the system to automate some of its functions, like generating reports.

Automated actions enable several complex tasks to be accomplished in less time and save a great deal of time for you and other users.

9.  Import and Export

MS Access has the ability to import and export data. You can import data from existing databases, Excel files, text files, or other sources. ‘

The export process allows users to produce reports that can be used in other applications and distributed over the Internet.

10. Security

When you decide to implement an MS access database application, security is very important because it assures the safety and integrity of your database information.

The user can determine the level of control over the data, and it can be accessed from different machines. Data can be password protected and even encrypted to increase data reliability.

11. Upgrade capabilities

Many software products can be upgraded with the purchase of an upgrade package.MS access has this upgrade feature which allows you to use newer versions of the database application. 

12. Analysis of Databases

The Microsoft Access database application is a very handy tool for performing analytical tasks. This can be accomplished by querying the database, comparing data, and running reports.

The automated reports that come with this database help you in your daily activities.

MS access has different tools and methods for data analysis, such as auto commands, built-in reports, functions, pivot tables, and online analytical processing. 

13. User-Interface

MS Access database application has different user-interface options that make it very easy for the users to learn and use it.

The interface uses basic visual controls and displays the information very simple way with charts, graphs, and charts.

14. Compatibility with SQL server

MS access database application is compatible with the SQL database system maintained by Microsoft.

This database will be used to develop and maintain a related record system.

You can combine the MS access database application with your existing SQL database for greater reliability, accuracy, and flexibility.

15. Scalability

The database application can successfully handle large databases, and it is scalable. This database can be used in different organizations and businesses with different user bases.

You can also create several databases and distribute them to different people. It will give you the flexibility of reusing the data in other applications and different databases.


We hope you are aware of all the advantages of the MS Access database application.MS access has many powerful features that make it a great choice for business and commercial users.

It is particularly useful for companies that have operations all over the world. You will not only be able to access data in your company’s database but also communicate with other companies all over the world using e-mail messages and file attachments.

Please feel free to make comments below if you have any questions concerning this MS access.