Unbeatable Central region lottery prediction technique

Central region lottery number is currently a popular game, with many people participating. In this game, players only need to bet on the numbers in the XSMT prize and wait for the prize draw results. Even though it’s so simple, players need to have the skills to predict and choose the right numbers to be able to win. Therefore, below we will share some effective prediction techniques that everyone can apply.

What is the Central region lottery number?

Central region lottery numbers are a type Lottery organized by 14 lottery companies (XSKT) in the central provinces of Vietnam. The prize drawing schedule takes place every day of the week, specifically as follows:

  • Monday: Quang Nam Lottery, Khanh Hoa Lottery
  • Tuesday: Dak Lak Lottery, Quang Nam Lottery
  • Wednesday: Da Nang Lottery, Khanh Hoa Lottery
  • Thursday: Binh Dinh Lottery, Quang Tri Lottery, Quang Binh Lottery
  • Friday: Gia Lai Lottery, Ninh Thuan Lottery
  • Saturday: Phu Yen Lottery, Dak Nong Lottery
  • Sunday: Lottery Kon Tum, Lottery Lam Dong

Prize structure:

  • Special prize: 1 prize, worth 2 billion VND
  • First prize: 1 prize, worth 300 million VND
  • Second prize: 10 prizes, worth 30 million VND/prize
  • Third prize: 30 prizes, worth 10 million VND/prize
  • Fourth prize: 40 prizes, worth 3 million VND/prize
  • Fifth prize: 80 prizes, worth 1 million VND/prize
  • Sixth prize: 100 prizes, worth 400,000 VND/prize
  • Seventh prize: 300 prizes, worth 200,000 VND/prize
  • Eighth prize: 1,000 prizes, worth 100,000 VND/prize

In addition, there are other additional prizes such as special prizes, consolation prizes, etc.

When playing Central lottery numbers, you will bet on the last two numbers of the first prize and the special prize. Then wait for the results of the draw and if you win, you will receive the corresponding bonus.

How to predict Central region lottery numbers with falling numbers

How to play this lottery number is quite simple, but to win, players need to know the following lottery method:
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1 2

The lot falls to get the prize

Predicting the falling numbers in Lottery and Lottery in the Central region is usually done by choosing the winning lottery or the lottery number of the day to raise. With this method, the farming time usually lasts from 5 to 6 days before the expected demand arrives. This method of predicting Central region lottery numbers has two important cases that everyone should pay attention to:

  • Special case: When betting on the number 9, the rate is 90%, it is predicted that this number will reappear within the next 2 days. Topics with numbers 0, 2, 8, 9 often have a higher probability of winning than other numbers. For example, on March 2, 2024, the Central region’s lottery number is Khanh Hoa 87 and Kon Tum 29. On March 7, 2024, Ninh Thuan lottery number is 87 (2 blinks).
  • In another case, on March 4, 2024, Quang Nam lottery returned 99 and on March 9, Binh Dinh lottery also returned 99. On March 11, 2024, Quang Nam lottery returned 99, and on March 12, 2024, Quang Nam lottery returned 99, and on March 12, 2024, Quang Nam lottery returned 99. 3, Khanh Hoa’s lot also has bridge number 99.

Predict lottery numbers with lottery

For lotto betting, the strategy only applies when the player notices a lottery number appearing at its exact position the previous day. When this happens, everyone should bet for the next 5 days. Usually, this number will appear in a short period of time, so players when using the Central region prediction method need to pay attention to seize the opportunity.

For example: If today you see lot 01 appears in the exact position 4.2 compared to the previous day, everyone can decide to raise this lot for 5 days. If you win, you can stop, but if not, you should also temporarily stop betting on this number.

Techniques for playing lottery numbers with white numbers

This method of playing Central region lottery according to the lottery number is not popular, but when detecting the signs, the chance of winning the lottery is quite large, up to 90% and 8% has the chance of winning the lottery. This method only applies to prizes 3 and 4, as well as prizes 5 and 6 with consecutive daily results and is effective for about 2 days.

For example: If today a Central lottery province gives the results of prizes 5 and 6 consecutively as follows:




This result shows that the next day you can play lot 33 for the prize, with the white number remaining the same for the next 2 days. Most importantly, you need to carefully monitor the Central region’s daily lottery results to apply this method

Central region lottery prediction with double lotteries

Double lot is a prediction method used by many Central region lottery players. This method is based on statistics and analysis of pairs of numbers appearing in lottery results to predict pairs of numbers that are highly likely to appear in the next draws. Therefore, this is definitely an effective Central region lottery prediction tip that players need to understand as follows:

Step 1: Statistics of lottery results

The first step, everyone needs to compile the Central region lottery results of at least 30 recent draws. Players should keep statistics on the pairs of numbers that appear in the results table, including both the first and last double numbers.

Step 2: Analyze statistical results

After statistics, people need to analyze the results to find pairs of double numbers that are highly likely to appear. Specifically, people can use some basic types of analysis such as:

  • Double lottery prediction method according to prizes: Analyze which pairs of double numbers appear the most in prizes. Pairs of double numbers that appear the most in high prizes often have a high chance of appearing in the next drawing.
  • Double lottery prediction method by day: Analyze which pairs of double numbers appear the most on weekdays. The pair of double numbers that appears the most on a particular day is often highly likely to appear on that day in subsequent draws.
  • Use lottery memory methods to predict pairs of double numbers that are highly likely to appear.

Step 3: Choose a number to play

After analyzing the statistical results, you need to choose pairs of double numbers with a high probability of appearing to play. Players should also choose special pairs of double numbers with a high frequency of occurrence to bet or play based on the frame.


Thus, Central region lottery is a simple entertaining game but requires great judgment and thinking from the player. Therefore, everyone at  Kubet You need to pay close attention and pocket the above prediction experiences to improve your effectiveness.