Using Structural Mezzanine Kits in Construction

Adding extra space in a building or warehouse can be tricky and expensive. Constructing a whole new level or addition takes major work. Structural mezzanine kits provide another option to gain more usable square footage without major construction. As per AW Structures, mezzanine kits are systems of pre-made steel parts that can be assembled into sturdy upper floor platforms. This post will look at what these structural kits are and how they can be really helpful for construction projects.

Mezzanine Floor Basics

A mezzanine is an intermediate floor between the main floors of a building. It’s built as a sort of half-level between the top and bottom floors. Mezzanines allow using the extra space above for things like storage, offices, or assembly work. Structural mezzanine kits are packages of pre-made steel frames and parts for building a basic mezzanine floor. The kits come with all the main posts, beams, and components needed to assemble the frame.

Why Use Structural Kits?

There are two main ways to add a mezzanine – using a pre-made structural kit or hiring contractors to custom build. Structural kits offer big advantages in cost, time, and ease. The pre-fab steel parts are quicker and cheaper. No time-consuming welds or work from scratch. Kits also simplify installation compared to a fully custom build. They’re versatile too. Many let you layout the floor plan to fit your needs.

How the Kits Work

Mezzanine kits include pre-cut columns, main beams, bracing, and hardware. The parts bolt together to form the frame. Some kits even have optional staircases, safety rails, gates, and more. The packages provide all the structural pieces an installer needs. But the kits don’t come with the actual flooring surface. This leaves room to customize that part later. Once the framework is built, floor decking can be added, like wood panels or steel plates. The finishings like walls or rails can then be installed to complete the mezzanine.

Benefits of Using Kits

Structural mezzanine kits offer a bunch of upsides for construction and adding space:

Faster Installation – With pre-fab parts, installation goes quicker compared to building from scratch. A basic kit can be assembled in days or weeks rather than months.

Lower Cost – Using pre-made components costs thousands less than custom building. Savings of 40-60% are common with kits.

Easier Process – Kits don’t require welding or heavy machinery. No major construction skills needed. The average handyperson can assemble most kits.

Versatile Layouts – Modular parts allow flexible layouts to customize the mezzanine’s footprint and shape.

Strong Structure – Manufactured steel parts ensure the mezzanine meets code and can handle heavy storage/traffic.

Things to Consider

Mezzanine kits simplify the structure, but some extra work is still required:

Only the Frame – Kits provide just the basic framework. Flooring, stairs, and components like rails must be bought and added separately.

Some Labor Required – Most kits can be DIY installed. But for big projects, hiring professional help is recommended.

Meeting Building Codes – Permits may be required. Kits include drawings and engineering plans to submit for approval.


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