What are the Advantages of Ethernet Cable

While the internet is a wonderful source of information and has plenty of advantages to offer, most people still do not know about Ethernet.

The article on Ethernet will inform the audience about some of its advantages. For example, Ethernet is an internet access technology that has a range of 100 meters and can run up to 10 gigabits per second.

There are many other features that make it an attractive option. Let’s learn the advantages of ethernet cable.

What is Ethernet?

Ethernet is a method of communication that allows several people and devices to share information across a local network. The network can also extend to other devices far away. It is therefore possible to access the internet using Ethernet.

Ethernet is a versatile technology. It is one of the most commonly used technologies in homes, offices, and small businesses. Like all network technologies, it has lots of advantages that people might not be aware of.

How does Ethernet work?

Unlike other technologies such as Wi-Fi, we can use Ethernet in several ways. For example, it can be connected to a modem to access the internet.

It is also possible to use the Ethernet with computers, routers, and switches. The network can reach up to 19 devices at a time. We can extend the network if we need more devices to be connected.

Installing an Ethernet is not as complicated as it looks. Once we have all the required hardware and cables, we only need to follow a few simple steps such as connecting the cables, setting up the hardware, and finally, configuring the Ethernet.

How Ethernet Work

advantages of using an ethernet cable

Using an Ethernet cable is an easy way to access the internet. There are many advantages such as it is faster than Wi-Fi, has a range of up to 100 meters, and can be extended if you need more bandwidth. Let’s discuss some important benefits of ethernet cable.

1. Easier to Broadband

Ethernet cable is quick and effective. It is a lot easier to use because it does not require any special equipment, unlike Wi-Fi. With Ethernet, we can access the internet anytime, anywhere. In the WAN Network, Ethernet links have different speeds.

2. Availability

Ethernet is always available. When the internet connection fails over Ethernet, we can still use it to access the internet.

It is very useful in places where Wi-Fi may not be available. For example, the internet may not be available in the basement.

In such a situation, we can use the Ethernet cable to access the internet and complete important tasks such as printing documents.

3. Safer and faster

Ethernet is a safer, faster, and more reliable way to access the internet than Wi-Fi. This is because the Ethernet cables have a lower risk of being hacked. Ethernet is also much faster than Wi-Fi. However, this may vary depending on the Ethernet cable.

4. Protocols and Standards

Ethernet comes with a set of protocols that help in communication, addressing, and data transfer. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) defined the standards used by Ethernet.

5. Low Cost

Ethernet is cheaper than using Wi-Fi. This may vary depending on the application but Ethernet cables are cheaper than Wi-Fi cables. The expense of purchasing an Ethernet and a cable is not much.

Types of Ethernets Cable
There are two kinds of Ethernet cables; they are UTP and fiber optic.

UTP stands for unshielded twisted pair. We also know it as a Category 3 cable or a 100BaseT cable. It has 8 wires, and it is made up of 4 pairs of wires. It has RJ-45 connectors that are used on each end and the center hole where the cable is inserted to form an Ethernet cable connection.
Fiber Optic:

Fiber optic cables are made up of multiple strands of glass. We use these cables for long-distance connections. It is not very common in the home or business environment but is widely used in WANs (Wide Area Networks).

Ethernet protocol is reliable, easy to install, and relatively inexpensive. It does not require special equipment to install an Ethernet cable and can be mixed and matched with other hardware such as routers, switches, Wi-Fi devices, etc.

6. Easy Installation

Ethernet is comparatively easy to install. This is especially true when compared with Wi-Fi. Compared with the time required for installing Wi-Fi, the installation of Ethernet cables is quick and easy.

7. Fewer Interruptions

Ethernet technology has fewer interruptions as compared to Wi-Fi. However, it also depends on the hardware used.

8. Connected to Modem

We connect Ethernet to a modem. This means that the modem serves as a gateway, router, and hub all in one. Together with the cable, we can connect our computer, printer, and other devices to the network through the modem.

List Of Advantages Of Ethernet Cable

9. More Reliable

Ethernet technology is highly reliable. The two most common types of Ethernet cabling are UTP (unshielded twisted pair) and fiber-optic cable. Through proper design, it can work for up to 100 years with no problem.

10. Bandwidth

WiMAX Stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. Ethernet has a wider bandwidth of up to 1,000Mbps than Wi-Fi and WiMAX. Even though Wi-Fi and WiMAX also have a wide bandwidth, it is less than Ethernet.

11. Mixing And Matching

Ethernet can be mixed and matched with other hardware such as routers, switches, and Wi-Fi. This is the reason why there are several types of Ethernets. Most manufacturers have different combinations of equipment that they use to produce different Ethernets.

12. Security

Ethernet uses a physical layer or a PHY as its security protocol. Although it is less secure than the data encryption used by Wi-Fi, ping can work through Ethernet in all network types such as LAN, WAN, and MAN.

13. Connecting Computers

The Ethernet cabling used to connect computers depends on the type of cable and the brand. This is because different brands use their own connectors and cables. One type of cord may not work with another.

14. Connecting Printers

Printers can also be connected by using different cables. The cable used to connect a printer depends on the type of connector used on the computer and printer. We can buy bundles that include both computer and printer cables.

15. Cabling A Wireless Router

Ethernet cabling is necessary when we want to connect a wireless router to the network. The most common cable used to connect a wireless router through an Ethernet cable is the Cat5e.

Application of Ethernet Cable

Ethernet is one of the most popular networking technologies that is used to connect computers and other devices to a Local Area Network (LAN).

It is widely used to connect two or more personal computers together wirelessly or through cables. Each computer connected to the LAN can access the resources available in all other connected computers. Below are some applications for the ethernet cable.

  1. Connects two or more computers to the internet.
  2. Connects home entertainment systems to other devices such as game consoles, smart televisions, and IP-based set-top boxes.
  3. Connects home appliances and mobile devices such as printers and digital media players to your home network.
  4. Connects Wi-Fi routers to a router that uses fiber optic cable or copper wire technology (hard-wired).
  5. Connects a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) router, IP camera, or media player to the internet.
  6. Connects a network drive to the computer or another network device.
  7. Connects gaming consoles or other entertainment devices that do not support Ethernet cables.


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The Ethernet cable is a very important component in a computer network. How is computer networking beneficial for your home or business?

It is the practice of two or more computers sharing access to the Internet by connecting to a network access point. The Ethernet cable is how computer networking is done.

A network cable is the most important cable in your computer network. Whether it be a LAN Network or other network devices such as a cable or DSL modem, they all use an Ethernet cable.

The cable is also the primary connection between your computer and the router or switch. A network cable is the joining of two network devices. This means that without the Ethernet cable, you can’t have a computer network.

Hope you learned something from this article because without learning the advantages of ethernet cable we can’t go to the next step.

If you want to know more about Ethernet cable, be sure to check it out. There are many things to learn about networking, so do not worry. It is easy and fun at the same time.