What is a Corner Kick Bet? Hi88’s Ultimate Way to Predict Corner Kicks

Corner kick bet has long been known as one of the extremely attractive side bets and often appears in every match. Go through the following article from hii88, let’s review the basic knowledge about the above form of betting as well as learn how to choose down bets from experts.

What is a corner kick bet?

In soccer betting, in addition to traditional types of betting, bettors can also choose special (side) sideline plays. Prominent among them is corner betting, also known as Corners, a form of betting that is loved by many bettors.

According to analysts, this match will require players to predict how many total situations the two teams will take free kicks in the corners of the field (4 flag locations) during the match. Next, choose the appropriate amount of money in the corresponding bet types offered by the house. 

However, with most different playing styles, it is not easy for bettors to win at the Corners rate. Therefore, you need to learn knowledge and experience in investing money from Hi88’s leading experts in the following article.

Common forms of corner kick betting

There are many different types of play that bettors can choose from in the Corners betting type. Right now let’s go together Hi88 sports Let’s take a look at the popular and most chosen styles when deciding to invest money:

  • Handicap bet: The house will analyze the data of both sides and give corresponding corner handicaps. The upper team will have a certain amount deducted from the Corners odds and conversely, the lower team will have the same handicap added.
  • 1X2: The player predicts the Corners result and bets 1 of 3 options: home team – draw – away team.
  • Over/under: Bet money on whether the total number of kicks in the 4 flag positions will be more or less than the odds offered by the house.
  • Even Corners Odds: Predict whether the total Corners score in the match will be even (divisible by 2) or odd (not divisible by 2).
  • First/last: Bettors will predict which team will take the first free kick and which team will take the last corner.

Extremely good corner kick prediction method from Hi88

To help yourself win in Corners, bettors should learn the following betting methods from experts.

Evaluate the strength and weakness of the two teams

One of the things bettors need to keep in mind when playing Corners betting is to pay attention to the strength relationship between the two teams. To evaluate this, bettors can go through the following data:

  • The performance of the two clubs recently.
  • Average goals scored/conceded performance of each team.
  • Ranking difference on the overall tables.
  • Position in the continental arena (if any).
  • Compare the star factors of both sides.

From the above information, we can evaluate the strength and weakness between the two teams. Accordingly, Hi88 expert shares that the stronger team will usually be the club that wins 1X2 or handicap bets on corner kicks. 

In addition, highly rated teams will often play with an attacking style of football, pressing their opponents. Since then, the rate of this club taking home the first kick at the 4 flag positions is much higher than the opponent’s.
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Corners betting is based on striker height

One of the most popular ways to bet on Corners is based on the height of the center forwards of each team. If the club owns number 9s with outstanding physiques from about 1m8 to 1m9 or more, the team will love high ball situations. From there, the occurrence of many corner kicks will be very high.

On the contrary, when the club’s strikers are usually just small players, it is clear that Corners situations are not the highlight of the team. Therefore, Hi88 experts statistics that it is very rare for free kick situations where 4 flag positions occur in a competition.

Playing Corners bets is based on the playing style of both sides

According to Hi88 expert analysis, the playing style of the two teams also has a great impact on the ability to win corner kicks. Because teams that tend to play fast attacks and drift to the sidelines will be able to bring themselves many free kick situations at the 4 flag positions.

On the contrary, teams that like to play in the middle and focus on developing short balls will rarely bring in many corner kick situations. Therefore, when playing Corners, bettors need to pay special attention to the playing style of both sides.

So through the above article, we have consulted in detail the analysis from Hi88 experts on corner kicks. Thank you readers for your interest and hope you bring in lots of winnings.