Xoc Dia Kubet – Attractive betting game for all bettors

As one of the attractive games that attracts many people to participate in betting, coin toss has quickly attracted many players to participate since it was posted on the official game site by Kubet. This is a betting method that many people love and wish to conquer. Let’s explore how to play Kubet disc jockey through the content shared below.

What is Xoc Dia?

Xoc Dia is a folk game originating from China, with an extremely simple and easy-to-understand form of play, so now this game is even more popular and widely covered. Especially during the holidays, this game is held in many places and becomes the focus of great attention with a large number of participants.

With only a bowl and 4 coins, you can easily enter the game. But you need to note that traditional forms of playing are banned in Vietnam, so choosing Online betting is the optimal solution. Currently, Kubet bookmaker is organizing online coin toss betting, you can easily access and try betting with coin toss.

Playing Kubet coin toss betting is very interesting, currently this form has been upgraded and developed more strongly than the traditional version. So, to choose to play at a reputable house, don’t ignore the name Kubet.

Detailed rules of Kubet dice game for new players

Before you want to learn how to play Xoc Dia, you need to firmly grasp the detailed rules of the game. This will help you better grasp the rules of the game and make it easier to calculate points.

First, when starting the game, the house system will toss and shake the coin and keep the results secret. After that, you will have time to bet on the door that you think is most accurate. The house then announces the results, the bookmaker’s specific results are as follows:

  • If the dealer uses a coin toss the disc, you will be able to choose 1 of 2 numbers: heads or tails.
  • If 2 coins are used, there are 3 cases: heads and tails, or there is a third possibility of 1 tail and 1 tail.
  • If you have 4 coins, you will have more betting options such as Odd Even, specific bets with high odds for you to choose from. Specifically, there are cases of Xoc Dia Kubet:
    • Even number: If 2 red, 2 white or 4 red/4 white appear.
    • Odd Door: 3 white 1 red or 1 white 3 red.
    • White door: 4 pieces are all white.
    • Red door: 4 tablets are all red.

Depending on the level of difficulty or ease, the winning rate will be completely different. The higher the difficulty, the greater the reward you will receive when you win the bet.

Why should you play Kubet coin toss betting?

When you participate in betting at Kubet, you not only immerse yourself in a space with attractive odds but also have a high chance of winning. Bookmaker Kubet possesses the following outstanding advantages:

Xoc Dia developed on phone app

You can play coin toss betting at Kubet bookmaker not only through the official website but also through applications compatible with mobile phones and computers. Therefore, now you can play coin toss anywhere without worrying about space limitations, you just need to have a stable network connection.

This game app not only includes Xoc Dia Kubet but also many other extremely attractive games. In particular, the app has a low capacity and is compatible with many operating systems, so you can quickly install it on your device and try your hand at betting.

Good security capabilities

Currently, the house has invested in a highly secure and safe system with the most modern technology. When you bet here, you won’t need to worry about your information being leaked. Therefore, you can comfortably participate in betting and make transactions at the house.

Awesome interface

Kubet Xoc Dia is carefully invested in all aspects so you can rest assured and enjoy betting. With a lively and interesting betting space, you can enjoy sublime betting fun. Especially at the live coin toss lobby invested by Kubet, beautiful Dealer girls actively interact with players, making the betting game even more interesting.

How to play Kubet coin toss in detail for you guys

Xoc dice at bookmaker Kubet is completely based on traditional betting, so you will not encounter any difficulties when participating.  Specifically, the steps to play at the house are as follows:

  • Step 1: First, you need to register an account and deposit money into your Kubet Xoc Dia account.
  • Step 2: Find the Casino section, a new interface opens with many games, you can find an interesting coin toss game.
  • Step 3: Choose the table with the most suitable bet level depending on your finances.
  • Step 4: Dealer proceeds to shake the disc, you place your bet on the door with the highest winning rate.
  • Step 5: The dealer opens the bowl and announces the results. If you make the correct choice, you will have the opportunity to bring home a big reward.

Revealing the unbeaten betting experience for you guys at Xoc Dia Kubet

Besides the element of chance, you should also equip yourself with certain playing experience. Please apply the following experiences to help you increase your winning rate to the highest when playing Xoc Dia Kubet.
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Choose the bet and fold


There are many different bets in Xoc Dia Kubet, it is best for you to choose the odd even bet with a 1:1 ratio to easily win. You should also consider the history of that table to place a bet, then follow that bet until the end. If you win, you keep the same bet for the next game. If you lose, you bet double the previous game.

Psychological comfort

Psychological comfort plays a decisive role in your ability to win. If you are tired and lose your temper, your chances of winning will decrease because at this point you will likely make wrong decisions.

Smart capital management

You need to know how to manage your capital well to help improve your ability to win. You need to have a specific plan, set goals before betting, determine how much to play and know how to stop the game at the right time. Don’t be too greedy and cause you to lose all your bets.

Listen to the sound and guess

Kubet dice game is a very realistic live game, you can rely on it to guess the sound of the dice. You need to try to stay calm, concentrate on listening and guess which number will come back so you can bet accurately. At first you may make a lot of mistakes, but once you get used to it, you will most likely win big.

Thus, the article has compiled detailed information about Xoc Dia Kubet. Hopefully with this useful information you will have endless betting moments and win big rewards for yourself at the bookmaker. Kubet.