Online coin tossing formula, play 10 games and win all 10

Xoc Dia online is a popular game loved and admired by many gamers today. The rules of the game are quite simple, but applying them to win is not an easy matter. To win, players need to apply the online coin tossing formulas below.
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What is Xoc Dia?

Belonging to the folk game genre suitable for the popular class, coin tossing has quite simple but extremely attractive playing rules. Therefore, it has been improved and included in all online betting floors today.

This is a bet in which the player can predict one of the possibilities that will happen after the dealer rolls two bets with different colors of four pieces. In case, the player who predicts correctly will win the prize for himself, but if he is wrong, he will lose the bet amount.

In today’s technological age, owning a smartphone or computer means you can participate in this game at any time or anywhere. New players can join this game and apply online coin tossing formulas to bring in a decent amount of betting capital.

Formula for playing online coin toss at bookmakers

To understand more about disc jockey onecard game with rewards is the most popular today, the following will be detailed instructions on the steps to play this game:

Step 1: First, players need to create an account at the house to be able to participate in playing coin toss there. Almost every bookmaker has specific, detailed instructions to help players create accounts quickly.

Step 2: Next, we need to log in to our account at the house and make sure we have enough capital to participate in playing coin toss. Go to the casino section and select the coin toss game, then select the table.

Step 3:After making the selection, the Dealer will proceed to shake the cards, the results will be hidden for players to choose to bet on. Participants use chips to place corresponding bets and make predictions on the virtual betting table.

Step 4: After the time runs out, the Dealer will announce the winner of the last bet. The winner will be rewarded immediately after that game with the corresponding payout rate.

The formula for playing coin toss online always wins

Below are the formulas for playing online dice with high winning rates that many bettors have passed on to each other.

Set all even or all odd

Odd or even numbers have an almost equal probability of winning, however this number can change depending on the player’s choice to continuously change numbers. The odds of winning or losing are still 50/50, however if you are loyal to one door this odds can also increase.

In case players want to try the feeling of adventure and test their luck, they can choose to change the door but must set a betting limit for themselves to lose the bet to an allowable level.

Besides placing all even or all odd bets, players need to find the right time to stop because this online coin toss formula cannot be applied continuously many times.

Follow the door of the person who is winning

One of the formulas for playing coin toss that is considered safe is to play according to the winner. In the game, if you are not sure about your choice, you can choose to observe and bet on people who have won at least 2 times or more.

Who knows, maybe it’s just by accident that you’ve come across a betting expert? In addition, players can also make friends or private message that person to learn more experience.

Know your stopping point

The ancients had a saying that greed is profound. This is a simple philosophy but it is always present every day in today’s society. Likewise, if the player is lucky with the initial goal of reaping big rewards, it is also a good time to stop.

Stopping playing coin toss not only applies to those who are winning continuously, but also to those who are experiencing many consecutive losing bets.

Similar to the above analysis, basically if the bettor applies the correct coin tossing rules, the winning rate will be 50/50. However, in some cases where luck does not come to you, the probability is 30/70 or even worse, you should stop to control your capital flow.

When the player calms down again and everything gradually returns to control, the player can rejoin a new game. This time will ensure at least the chance of winning or collecting will return to the 50/50 mark and possibly higher, helping you get back your initial capital.
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Control your psychology when playing coin toss

Most people who play this betting game often suffer from some psychological factors such as fear of betting, fear of betting according to the majority and greed. The cause of these problems is that players choose too large bets along with unstable psychology and not being able to determine when to stop playing.

To overcome these problems, when participating in the coin toss game, you need to keep your mind in the best state, be calm to make correct and accurate judgments. If you feel unsettled, you must stop immediately after finishing the unfinished bet to preserve the deposited amount.

Bet exponentially

Can you believe that this game also needs to rely on math to calculate statistical probability? Because the even ratio is always 50/50, make sure that no matter how you bet, 1 of 10 games will win. In case the player loses all 10, it is because they are too black and need to stop to keep their bet capital.


The formula for playing coin toss online by betting exponentially will help you only win. We apply the following steps according to the multiplier bet:

First, the participant places an even bet with a bet level of 1, next in the next game we still bet even but at level 2, then still bet even but at level 3 and continue to bet on 1 door like that but with capital. of the next game will be double the previous game.

That is certain that victory cannot not go to your door. If the participant wins just one game, he or she can earn back the initial capital and still have quite a bit of extra money left over.

After finishing this betting round, the player can choose to stop or continue and apply the same method as before. The exponential betting method is quite good and has had many successful bettors.

Top 5 most reputable online coin toss bookmakers today

Currently on the market there are quite a few bookmakers with a diverse inventory of games. Here are the top 5 most reputable bookmakers playing coin toss today that you can refer to:

Nhà cái uy tín

Xoc disc atNhà cái uy tín is a playground for bettors who love entertainment and online rewards. When participating here, you will find your true love without having to wait too long because this betting field opens up quite a few new ones continuously.

The explosion of high technology has turned coin toss into the most popular game on this Nhà cái uy tín betting floor. Besides, the betting system here is also designed to be extremely realistic, making players feel just like when you are playing at a real casino in real life.

In addition, Nhà cái uy tín is also committed to protecting members’ information in the best way by upgrading to two firewall systems and the most advanced anti-hacking devices today. Therefore, the members here can safely participate in battle with a comfortable mind without worrying about surrounding problems.


Participating in the Asian betting market for a long time, it is not surprising that Fb88 appears in the top 5 most prestigious online coin tossing bookmakers today. This betting site offers participants a huge store of games, but the most prominent is still the coin toss game with participation increasing sharply every day.

To give members participating in the betting floor the most realistic playing experience, this house has invested in extremely sharp full HD image quality. Besides, the sound system is also meticulously cared for with lively chords and keeps up with the movements of the players on the floor.

The above factors have contributed to creating expert bettors but do not lose the attraction to fake bets. Coming to this betting site, players will not only be entertained but also satisfy their vision.


Considered the most invested betting house ever,Bookmaker BK8 Boldly spent a huge amount of money to design a perfect and luxurious interface. Coming to this house, you will be treated like a king with incentives and many free services such as deposits and withdrawals, golden hour giftcodes,…

The coin toss game at BK8 betting house is also in the top 5 thanks to the favor of the members here. With easy-to-participate rules and attractive payout rates, it is not surprising that this game has won the recognition of brothers on this betting floor.


Unforgettable in this top 5 is bookmaker V9Bet. Although appearing after the big brothers, V9Bet has also gained a certain position on the betting playing field today. Coming to this house, you can apply the above online coin tossing formulas to win.


Emerging in the system of betting floors thanks to the almost highest winning rate in the market today is bookmaker 8XBet. Although this playground is not as diverse as other exchanges, it is invested quite thoroughly. Besides, the payout rate is quite high in the coin toss game, so it is greatly supported by bettors.

To participate and win betting games at bookmakers, betting members can refer to the online coin tossing formulas above. Hopefully the above sharing will help many brothers bring great rewards to themselves.