Virtual horse racing betting – 5 standard ways to play virtual horse racing betting online

You are planning to play horse racing betting virtual but don’t understand the game well? Do you want great playing tips to make it easier to win?

Then don’t miss the following sharing article because they will be indispensable tips for success.

What is virtual horse racing betting?

Virtual horse racing betting is similar to real life, there are also online tournaments that are simulated on a real basis.

You will see information about the tournament, race rounds as well as horse information. In general, the information is as real as a real horse race and it is necessary to make predictions about which horse will finish in the first rankings.

The only difference in virtual horse races is that the time is much shorter than real horse racing. It usually only takes 3 to 5 minutes to complete a virtual betting round.

The results are determined very quickly, so if you know how to play, the prize money will be quite generous.

Today, bettors are very passionate about virtual horse racing betting because of its convenience and delicious odds. Especially when playing at reputable bookmakers like Okvip, you also receive many other great incentives and are extremely safe.

How to play virtual horse racing betting

Currently, virtual horse racing betting can only be played at online bookmakers and only when you are an official member can you play at any time.

Although similar to other forms of sports betting, the rules of the game also have some special features, so we need to understand them clearly to be able to play most effectively.

(1) Game rules

First, when participating, you need to know the rules of this attractive game:

  • The house will continuously update virtual horse racing matches in the game lobby.
  • Players can bet whenever they want but need to place bets 10 seconds before the race officially starts.
  • Once a race ends, a new one will appear immediately after, you can freely bet without worrying about missing matches.
  • The average race time per day is about 35 minutes and there are an average of 9 races per day.
  • In each race, the battle time is only about 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Normally, when entering a conquest, there will be 15 seconds to start, 6 seconds for the system to introduce the horses, 10 seconds for you to bet, and about 70 to 160 seconds left for the match time.
  • The end of the race will take about 10 seconds.
  • Each day, the number of war horses will change according to the system, usually from 8 to 12 war horses.
  • Players have the right to place many different bets.
  • There are no shaking odds in the match.

(2) Bets

Virtual horse racing betting also has many delicious bets, giving you the opportunity to make money quickly and extremely well. Below are some of the most popular bets.

  • Betting on the horse to come first: This means you will bet on the horse that you think will reach number 1 in the match.
  • Predicting a horse that will not win first place: This means you will bet on the horse you think cannot win the championship.
  • Guess the horse in the correct position: This means you choose a horse to be number 1 and if it is correct, you will receive a high reward. Other than this position, you will definitely lose the bet.
  • Betting on two steeds to come first correctly: This is quite a popular bet and there are two types of bets. You need to choose the horse that comes first and the horse that comes second in the match. In addition, you can place two horses that will definitely take the two first positions in the table but do not need to clearly distinguish the positions. Usually, this good bet will help you receive double the reward.
  • Predicting the three steeds to come first correctly: This is a good bet, the prize money is also big. You need to choose three steeds to finish in the top three positions: champion, runner-up and third. There is no need to distinguish clearly, she just needs to place the horse correctly.

(3) How to calculate virtual horse racing betting money

Compensation is also an issue that bettors need to pay attention to in order to have the most effective strategy. You can freely choose the type of bet you want the most and each bet will have a corresponding payout rate.
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However, all will comply with the following rules:

  • Winnings = bet x payout rate
  • Loss = bet amount placed on that bet.

Instructions for betting on virtual horse racing at Okvip

As shared, Okvip is a classy playground that has equipped virtual horse racing betting in its game lobby.

With the association with many leading game providers, you are guaranteed to have the most unforgettable games and here is how to get started:

  • Step 1: Log inOkvip or create an account if you don’t have one.
  • Step 2: Deposit money from the methods provided by Okvip.
  • Step 3: ChooseSport => Choose a provider like CMD, MAXBET, Okvip => Find virtual horse racing in the catalog.
  • Step 4: Select the upcoming match to start => Choose a bet => Place money and confirm bet ticket.
  • Step 5: Wait for results and redeem rewards.

In general, the steps are quite simple, but to be most effective, you should still ensure a good connection and enough capital according to regulations to make the game go smoothly.

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5 Tips for playing virtual horse racing betting without losing

It can be said that virtual horse racing betting is like most other betting games and has its own unique strategies.

These strategies are compiled by experts and have the ability to help bettors win smoothly and this is the reason you should not ignore these great tricks.

(1) Betting capital is strong enough

You must prepare a good betting capital, not too low capital to participate in virtual horse racing betting. Preparing your betting capital well will help you have a better chance of winning.

Professional players believe that bettors should divide their capital into many amounts, investing from low to high to achieve more efficiency. Don’t go all-in when you’re in a state of losing a lot.

(2) Do not bet consecutively on one horse

Advice from betting experts is that bettors should not continuously choose the same horse.

Especially for rookies, if you choose just one horse to bet, it will be difficult to win big. The system will not let a certain steed be champion for many rounds.

(3) Don’t bet too much from round to round

If you play virtual horse racing betting continuously, perhaps in a state of winning many matches, you should moderate it.

No one can win for too long and if you go all in you can lose everything if you choose the wrong match. You should analyze each specific situation, stop betting at the right time and not play continuously.

(4) You can bet on two or three steeds to come first

A very good playing trick that many players actively use is to bet on two or three steeds to come first. This way of betting can help you increase your capital effectively.

However, you should only place it when you have analyzed the status of each horse most accurately.

(5) Don’t be foolish to bet on multiples

As you know, accumulator betting is a form of having to predict many situations and only when all are correct will the player bet win. Therefore, it can be seen that the difficulty is very high and the chance of winning is also greatly reduced.

For professional bettors, it is very limited to place this bet and only play very small, side bets.

So you should not look at their high odds and jump in because it is extremely difficult to win, instead you should focus on single bets that will bring a much higher chance of receiving rewards.

QA on virtual horse racing betting

Participating in virtual horse racing betting for the first time, surely every bettor is still confused and has a few questions. So don’t let that make the game less fun, but update the following information.

(1) Is virtual horse racing betting legal?

One thing you can rest assured about is that betting on virtual horse racing at Okvip is legal because the house is certified by many international organizations. In addition, the server system is also located in a protected country so it is extremely safe.

(2) Does bookmaker Okvip offer many good bets?

One thing is for sure, when you come to Okvip you will not worry about lacking bets because the bets here are very rich. Feel free to bet freely and find opportunities to win great gifts from the house.

(3) Is it difficult to bet on virtual horse racing?

The rules of virtual horse racing betting are very simple, what is more complicated is that you need to possess top playing tricks.

Daily monitoring and applying the experiences shared above will improve betting skills so that fish can earn rewards effectively.

(4) How to deposit money to play betting?

Once you have an account, depositing money into the game wallet is very simple and anyone can do it. Go to Okvip deposit section after logging in and follow the instructions.

The dealer has provided details on specific transaction methods, which take only about 5 minutes to complete.

(5) What should I do if I cannot withdraw money?

If you play virtual horse racing betting and win but can’t withdraw the prize, don’t worry because you probably entered the initial information wrong.

If you encounter that situation, please contact Okvip via live chat, hotline or email. Immediately a consultant will appear to assist you in processing.

It can be seen that having a virtual horse racing betting game is quite simple, right? If you feel too bored with real-life sports, this is also an entertainment suggestion not to be missed at this time.