What is Fustal Football? Detailed Answers From New88 Game Portal

What is Fustal Football? This is the question that many players are most interested in recently. What is it about this sport that attracts bettors to participate? What is the difference that creates the attraction of this unique prize hunting game? All the problems you are wondering about will be resolved New88 Standard answers from A-Z in the article below.

What is Fustal?

To put it simply, Fustal is indoor soccer. This type of competition will take place in the gym instead of on the field like regular football. Fustal is a miniature soccer ball, born very early in Portugal. The person who first developed this interesting sport was Juan Carlos Ceriani.

An interesting point is the game What is Fustal Football?? That will be full of tournaments and matches for famous teams. This sport can be played by a maximum of 5 people/team at indoor or outdoor courts, following predetermined rules.

Each player will take on different positions on the field with the task of scoring goals against the opponent. During the allowed playing time, the team that scores more goals wins.

Answering basic information about what is Fustal football?

If you want to understand more accurately about this interesting type of competition, you need to pay attention to the following few things.

Competition time

FIFA has stipulated that a Fustal football match will consist of 2 official halves. The time of each round will be played What is Fustal Football?? There will be a 20-minute official match for both participating teams. If the playing time is about to end but a team is awarded a penalty or direct free kick, the game will continue until the end.

  • There will be a 15-minute break in the first half before starting the second half. During the match, each team will have 1 time-out of 1 minute/half. Besides, there will be a few strict rules below:
  • Only those involved can request a time-out and notify the referee to check the time.
  • When the time-out ends and the referee blows the whistle, the two teams will have to return to the field immediately.
  • Only players participating in official competitions are allowed to stay on the field. Other participants such as reserve players, managers, etc. will be outside the field of play.

What are the Fustal soccer competition rules?

The regulations on the Fustal law have been specifically stipulated by the prestigious football organization FIFA or AFM. This is a specific framework to determine wins and losses in each football match.

  • The number of players includes 5 official players, including goalkeeper, winger, striker and defender.
  • There will be 7 substitute players allowed, the number of substitutions is unlimited.
  • Each player needs to ensure specific regulations on playing equipment and not bring dangerous items onto the field.
  • The coach has the right to control the match but must ensure compliance with regulations.
  • The referee is the person assigned the authority to control the match on the field. Ensure all developments take place fairly and in accordance with Fustal football rules.
  • Goalkeeper: The only person on the field who is allowed to use his hands or arms in the restricted area.
  • The stadium will be designed separately, ensuring it meets the required area and areas.

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Some other Fustal competition rules

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Each Fustal match also ensures other football competition rules such as:

  • Substitution rule: Teams need to ensure the number of substitutes and specific steps to enter the field.
  • Start of the match: The referee will choose the team that has the right to serve first by tossing a coin. In the second half, both teams will change fields, and the team that has not received the ball in the first half will kick first.
  • Penalty errors in What is Fustal Football?: In soccer competitions, there will be penalties provided in advance. This ensures the competition is fair and effective. If any team makes a mistake, the referee will catch the error and be specifically punished. Depending on each case, there will be penalties, penalty cards, etc.
  • Injury time: Will be decided by the referee when the official playing time ends.

What is the difference between regular football and Fustal football?

Fustal soccer has many differences compared to regular soccer. If you want to easily recognize this type of competition, you need to note the following:

Criteria Regular football Fustal Football
Number of players participating in official matches on the field 11 5
Competition time 90p 40 p
Half-time break 15p 15p
Yard size 105m x 68m 42m x 25m
Number of substitutions 3 Unlimited
Confer during the match Do not have 1p

Above is information that specifically answers the question What is Fustal Football?? This will definitely be an interesting and attractive sport for you to enjoy your love of football. Moreover, at New88.today This is also an entertaining game with many attractive and interesting bets, access and bet today.