Advantages and Disadvantages of MAN Metropolitan Area Network

A metropolitan area network is a computer network that spans the geographical distance of a region and usually provides services such as routing, storage, or traffic management. We commonly see this network in large networks that span over two or more areas.

For example, a university campus might have different stations on the same campus connected by a metropolitan area network. In this article, we explore the advantages and disadvantages of a MAN metropolitan area network.

The first thing to note is that the whole idea of a metropolitan area network is based on the assumption that the physical or electrical properties of one region are similar enough to another that we can rely on them.

Uses of Metropolitan Area Network

Wireless metropolitan area network is cheaper and faster than a WAN, especially when building within an existing LAN operationally simpler than a WAN.

A MAN can use available private networks and shared public resources like the Internet, which makes it cost-effective in many applications enterprise ethernet metropolitan area network uses.

As a private WAN, MAN offers operational simplicity and cost-effective access to enterprise resources over great distances.

MAN is simple to understand, and operationally easy to deploy and operate, even with the use of new and emerging technologies.

Advantages of man metropolitan area network

The real benefit of MAN metropolitan area network is to connect individual routers together. Microsoft uses MAN to connect remote networks, and it is commonly used for inter-office network connections. Let’s look at some other pros of MAN Network.

Advantages and Disadvantages of MAN Metropolitan Area Network

1. Less expensive

When you know the fact that WAN is always more expensive than MAN, it’s always a good idea to use MAN. It is because the distance between MAN and WAN will be less than the distance between MAN and LAN.

2. Fast

When you use MAN, the speed of data transfer between computers is faster and more cost-effective. It’s because we can connect to a MAN network through a shorter distance and pass through a single router to get the best performance.

3. Remote access

Remote access to a computer through MAN is a very cost-effective way for headquarters and branch offices. If you use DSL or cable, it’s not really suitable for remote access. However, with MAN, you can access the remote computers through a single router connected to the Internet.

4. Use IPSec

IP Security is a strong encryption tool. However, it will cost you a lot of money. However, it provides high protection against hacker attacks and network attacks. This is the best way to protect your network security.

Wide-area network networks such as an Ethernet MAN can use IPSec to provide data encryption over a single LAN segment, not just the entire Internet.

5. Conversion from LAN to MAN

Although LAN Network and MAN are completely different, it’s easy to convert from LAN to MAN. You just need to change the IP address on the network device, you can use it on MAN metropolitan area network.

6. Sending local emails

Through MAN, if it connected your computer to the Internet, you can use email to send local messages to someone around you. For example, you can use the email to send a message to another computer on the same MAN network.

7. Connecting via VPN

If you want to connect to your home computer or mobile phone VPN, then you have to choose a MAN for that purpose. MAN is a good way to use the Internet, especially when you want to connect to LAN computers to avoid using a WAN Network.

8. Creating access points

If you want to create a wireless network for your computer or mobile phone in your living room, you can use MAN for that purpose.

The cost of a MAN network is relatively cheap, and it’s easy to set up. You can easily connect to the Internet through the MAN network without having to use a directly connected router.

9. Preventing network outages

MAN provides a single point of failure, but it can prevent an entire network from taking a break if the original router fails. Using MAN networks by companies is more commonplace than private clients, and it’s relatively simple to set up.

diagram of MAN

10. Location Tracking

When you use MAN, you can easily track the location of your target. For example, when a company is hiring an employee to work in another city, you can use the MAN to track the employee’s location.

If the employee cannot travel to the company work, it will be easy for you to track the employee’s location.

Features of Metropolitan Area Network
Man is an open platform standard, and we can use a MAN network. It is possible to use the MAN with other types of networks such as wireless, wired, and satellite networks. We can use MAN for inter-office communication and public Internet access.
MAN is easy to maintain because you do not need a dedicated network for MAN. It is also easy to maintain LAN because it can be connected to the Internet without a dedicated router.
Compared with a LAN, a MAN provides a higher level of security. For example, with the use of IPSec, you can easily secure your data. The main advantage of IPSec is that it can provide high encryption.
With MAN, the data transfer speed is relatively low compared with WAN. However, with MAN, the speed of data transfer between computers is faster and more cost-effective.

Disadvantages of man metropolitan area network

There are also some disadvantages to using the MAN metropolitan area network. The major disadvantage of using MAN is the high cost of installation, licensing, higher data transfer rate, etc. The cost of the system is relatively high because it must connect the MAN network to the Internet through a router or switch. Let’s explore some other drawbacks of MAN Network.

1. Limited number of devices

MAN is limited in the number of connected devices, and there are some devices that cannot be connected to a MAN. For example, if you want to connect your computer to a MAN, you must use an Ethernet cable up to 100 meters.

2. Low bandwidth

MAN is not very useful for small-scale applications that require a few data transmissions because the bandwidth of MAN is relatively low, especially if you connect one computer to another computer.

3. Lack of support

Many network tools do not support MAN. For example, Citrix and ArcView do not support MAN. Therefore, if you are a Linux user, use third-party programs to connect your computer to a MAN network.

4. Low-level hardware

MAN is a low-level network that does not have a higher level than the manual configuration. Therefore, if you are a professional computer or operating system engineer, you can easily use MAN as your first network. However, if you are an ordinary person, use a WAN.

5. Low cost for setup

MAN is relatively cheap to set up and maintain. However, the cost of using MAN is higher than using WAN. A professional engineer, which can be expensive, must-do tasks such as installing and configuring MAN networks.

6. Single point of failure

Many users who use MAN networks should know a single point of failure exists in the network. Because MAN uses a single cable for communication, if the cable is broken, it disconnected the entire network from the Internet.

7. Not widely used

Although MAN is widely used in the business world, it is not widely used in domestic environments. MAN is not very useful for a family living at home.

8. Network interface card (NIC) limitation

We cannot take MAN on the board; therefore, you only have one NIC for all devices in the network. If you want to extend the network, buy a second NIC.

9. No dynamic routing

MAN does not have the function that can dynamically control the route between computers. For example, if you want to use an IP address in MAN, you must manually assign a route to each computer.

10. Limited number of network cards

MAN has a few network cards, and you cannot use MAN with over two network cards. If you want to connect more computers to the same MAN network, you need to connect a switch at the router’s end.


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After discussing the advantages and disadvantages of MAN Metropolitan Area network, we conclude that there is no best network it depends on user requirements. We have to consider many factors while selecting a network based on our requirements.

The main factors are user requirement, security, support, and cost. The main purpose of this article is to provide a brief introduction to MAN in the metro area network (MAN). Hope this article will help you. Keep reading my other blog post. Thank you.